1. While the ego, under the protection of the amygdala is occupied with worldly matters, the Surah al-ikhlas describes the reality that is Allah.

  2. How great for he who is freed from the enslavement of the amygdala and sacrifices his ego in the way of Allah and EXPERIENCES the surah al-Ikhlas.

  3. The fear of loss is humanity’s greatest concerns. You fear losing your position or possessions, whereas all will eventually be lost. Fear of losing is the chain that stops you from escaping to freedom! If you only knew all that you lose due to your fears!

  4. If you can’t abandon what you have in the name of Allah, then all your knowledge is worthless banter. Nothing can be gained without abandon!

  5. The lover sweeps away the beloved. Love is lunacy! The lover accepts no excuse and wishes only to be with the beloved. The lover is unchained!

  6. Seek your own answers! Knowledge and wisdom cannot be spoon fed!

  7. The amygdala is neither good nor evil. It performs its function based on its inherent data. Your salvation lies in abandoning the data!

  8. Inherent data is composed of passive data: built up background data and active data: foreground data that you continuously use and apply. The amygdala (intellect) makes decisions based on active (not passive) data. The foreground application data determines your actions! The PFC (mind) on the other hand makes decisions based on the totality of passive data. These decisions reflect the persons full knowledge! For this reason, people pursue their lives based on what they apply daily, NOT on what they say!

  9. Are your actions based on your past inherent data or on new information that you deem insightful?

  10. Know this! Rahman is established on the Throne in your brain, NOT in space! As are all the other names and concepts!

  11. The creator is actively creating from within, not from the skies… not from space!

  12. The greatest ingratitude to your essence is to be consumed desire and lose sight of your reality. Desire is transient, Allah is eternal!

  13. To put words in someone's mouth to skew opinions, to slander, is defamation against that person’s essential reality: Allah! If only you knew.

  14. Satan attracts you to a materialistic existence while the breath of the Rahman calls you inward. So? Which of the two incites a blessed day?

  15. Allah created the realms so that they can be observed and created Man as the observer. What are we if we are unaware of the One observing?

  16. SHARING IS A TENET OF THE SUNNAH OF ALLAH! It is the morality of Allah! Allah created Man and shares His endless qualities with him.

  17. A HuMan takes pleasure from sharing everything with those he loves, whereas a humanoid is satisfied only by keeping things to himself.

  18. If your heart flutters in anticipation of seeing or hearing your beloved the instant you wake up, then you are truly in LOVE!

  19. Your destination is determined by the mindset that you have chosen to follow!

  20. Turning your back to those that try to help you without expecting anything in return is being UNGRATEFUL TO ALLAH. Read the Surah Ya-sin!

  21. Love is the desire/passion to strive for Allah, a state of total abandon. If you cannot abandon everything for Allah, might as well give up!

  22. Know this: If your heart doesn't flutter in anticipation of being with the ONE when you wake each morning, you are NOT consumed with LOVE!

  23. What is Sufism, they ask... It is the acceptance and assimilation of all experiences without judgment. Knowing that You are the source!

  24. Seeking enlightenment? Come to grips with the reality that your existence is created by your Rabb through you.

  25. O Allah, I seek refuge from the ear that listens yet doesn't hear or the eye that looks yet doesn't see!  O Allah, bestow us with foresight.

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