1. The three blessed months have come and gone many a time. How can Rajab, Sha'ban and Ramadan be of benefit while you assume identities aside Allah?

  2. There are those that are limited by their mentality; and those who are originally limitless but prisoner to the limits of their surroundings.

  3. Certain creatures are the demons of the elated HUMan on earth. Hadith: 'the world is hell to the believers'. HUMan's continue on to paradise.

  4. The believer believes that he exists in the body of the Humanoid as Vicergent. He does not imitate belief in a godhead.

  5. 'Allah is everywhere' also means that 'everywhere' exists, and that Allah is within it - thus dualistic! There is only Allah - nothing else!

  6. Personifying what's referred to by the name Allah is at odds with the Quran and leads to duality. Allah is ONE, besides which nothing exists.

  7. The Quran came to remind Man of his essence, as dhikr. Sufism states that your presumed identity is inexistent, only Allah exists.

  8. Don't stress over today and tomorrow, they will soon become yesterday! Life will continue to go on. Hope leads to peace of mind.

  9. Abandon imitation during these three sacred months. Dogma provides examples and guidelines. Execute the commands of your essential reality!

  10. Your prayer is toward the One present in each iota of your existence, because He wills it. So, pray... not by heart, but FROM your heart!

  11. Questioning is the source of obtaining knowledge, while listening objectively is the key to comprehension.

  12. Man's suffering stems from all that goes against his expectations. Acceptance ends all suffering: Such is the purification of hellfire!

  13. Hell exists for Man to learn assimilation and acceptance, and be purified from material needs. Your conditionings define your limits!

  14. Man suffers while being purified from his conditionings. It is precisely for this reason that suffering IS grace! Allah does not torment!

  15. HUMan exists in a state of acceptance over the ungrateful... A state of pure OBSERVATION!

  16. When will you be free from being crushed by the burdens that you yourself have created? Remember, they will all eventually become meaningless.

  17. The suffering of those who choose to live in the past is everlasting. Leave your past behind. Whatever will be will be!

  18. Elevate above what you experience in the moment, observe and enjoy it. Those limited in the moment by their conditionings are in torment.

  19. When things get you down due to your conditionings, ask yourself: What is its value in the sight of Allah? Say: Amentu Billahi!

  20. The Rasul of Allah notified the believers with the verse "Aminu Billah". Reflect carefully upon Surah Yusuf, 106. It holds the key to religion!

  21. The Quran states: Allah created you and your actions. So, can you be considered a believer if you continue to blame others in your head?

  22. Religion is for us to understand the main pillars of faith: knowing Allah, knowing our essential reality and our afterlife.

  23. Logic becomes ineffective once the ego takes a position and starts defending it. Only conscience can conquer the insistence of the ego!

  24. Emotions are the color of life, they are to be enjoyed - not adhered to.  Learn to rise above your emotions, whatever the experience!

  25. Birth, existence, death - they are all beyond freewill. We control neither the beginning, the end, nor the path. Finality shapes process!

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