1. I bear witness to Allah as described in the Quran by the Rasul. Only Allah determines everything that will come to be through eternity.

  2. Those there for you when everyone else abandons you are your true friends. The others are with you only based on what you have to offer them.

  3. Sure... everyone wants to be with you when you have something to offer. How many stick with you even when you withhold that which they seek?

  4. Don't argue with your true friends! They care about you more than you care about yourself. If that isn't the case, the friendship isn't 'true'.

  5. If you want to meet the enemy that stands between you and Allah, just look in the mirror! The enemy is your ego and your basic emotions.

  6. No matter who you are, you will experience the consequences of your surroundings, so choose your surroundings carefully!

  7. Everything you experience is of your own making. Blaming others is a futile method of self-relief. Look inward and fix yourself!

  8. You've figured it all out when your automatic reaction to unwanted news is "oh well, it was meant to be this way."

  9. Express trains skip small towns and travel between major stations. If your goal is to be one with Allah, worldly concerns will delay your journey.

  10. Let's be clear: Allah testing you does NOT mean a test that an illusory god puts you through to judge you according to your actions!

  11. Allah's test is whether your reaction to an event is based on the reality of Allah that is at your essence, or on your materialistic values.

  12. Your faith is continually being put to the test. When tested, do you manifest your essential reality or your materialistic existence?

  13. Don't ask others to do that which you cannot. Don't make excuses either. When you hide behind excuses remember that EVERYONE has an excuse!

  14. You quarrel or disagree with another because his view disagrees with your conditionings. What if you had been raised in his environment?

  15. Hatred is an emotional outburst of the undeveloped mind! No one wishes to consciously harm another unless they are so conditioned or deranged.

  16. Jealousy, hatred, selfishness... these are human emotions that lead to pain and suffering. The faithful are purified from such emotions.

  17. If each one of us is living out his creational program, what is right and wrong? Aren't all acts of the composer our creational program, RIGHT?

  18. As eternity will separate you from all that bothers you and past problems eventually dissipate, isn't it time to change how you live your life?

  19. Discussing the past is futile, so evaluate the situation and move forward accordingly. No matter what you do, critics will always criticize.

  20. You deify, then you end up worshipping everything that you cannot live without! Is Allah not sufficient for you?

  21. You are a traveler passing through earth. On your final voyage, you will leave behind all that you cherish and all that you (think you) own.

  22. Leaving something up to Allah is abandoning your conditionings and allowing the act to originate from the inherent qualities of Allah in you.

  23. Action is all that counts! Not words, threats or boasts! If you say it, do it! If you don't intend to do it, then remain silent...

  24. Though some can be swayed by words, thinking minds judge based on actions... to whom do you wish to address yourself?

  25. The day will come that all fundamentally unsound theories and ideas will come undone, as will the hyped-up personalities that defend them.

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