1. If your sole life purpose is to take advantage of others, it's because you are blind to what YOU yourself possess. If only you would realize!

  2. It's said that those that cannot rid themselves of their ego will waste away in gossip and hearsay. Ego manifests itself as non-assimilation.

  3. Hadith: Frustration follows repetitiveness. If what you heard/learned doesn't lead to positive change, then you will experience frustration!

  4. What do you plan to do differently today? Have you still not realized that if YOU don't change yourself, Allah never will?!

  5. Since the beginning, Man continues to bake cookies (create false gods), then worship them, then eat them, then bake them once again! Enjoy!

  6. The truth behind relationships based on hypocrisy will be revealed and lead to dire consequences. Everyone's true colors will show!

  7. Men of faith shall walk their path and Men of worldly pursuits shall chase desire. Some will die as believers and the others as non-believers.

  8. The latter years determine one's afterlife NOT one's past! Likewise, this latter stage will unveil hidden hypocrites within sovereign states.

  9. FEAR the day of reckoning when you will face the consequences of not having done all that you could have! Your excuses are Satan's excuses!

  10. A man looks in the mirror at his greying hair and wrinkled features... He feels old. If only he could see the youthful reality of his BRAIN.

  11. FEAR NOT the instance of death. It’s like awakening from sleep. FEAR that which you will awaken to: the consequences of your construct!

  12. The near future may set the stage for increased mental disturbances, potentially leading to unwarranted attacks or murders.

  13. If you neglect your SELF, neglect your future and live for fleeting pleasure, then know that you will not benefit from the love and care of others!

  14. Expect not from others, but from your SELF! To you belong the legs to carry you and the brain to make them do so!

  15. When you accept labels, they turn into shackles! You must break away from your shackles to be free! You must be free to be able to FLY!

  16. You are all alone in your world. If only you knew all you are missing out on because of your assumed personalities. Wake up! To the reality!

  17. Everyone lives a cocooned existence, judging others based on their own conditionings. If only they could see their own personal condition!

  18. Argue not with those who refuse to change and renew themselves. Accept them as they R! you can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink!

  19. Only LOVE saves you from yourSELF. The more you love the less YOU will exist. And if you FALL in LOVE, you'll forget about yourself altogether.

  20. (Your) SATAN: Information in your minds active application field that bases itself on your conditionings and distances you from your essence.

  21. The data in your active application field is activated by the amygdala. It can be updated by having faith and applying newly acquired data!

  22. "The cleansed are saved" refers to these conditionings. Purify your active application field and you will have made a Muslim of (your) Satan!

  23. If it's the same part of the brain that creates what you see. As well as in your dreams, are you not also the creator of your own distress?

  24. Doesn't your suffering stem from events that clash with your acceptances and conditionings. Relabel your memories!

  25. Once you realize that there's a lesson to be learnt or an experience to be had, would bad memories still bother you? Relabel your memories!

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