1. The brain, in true form, is not flesh and blood, it’s a constellation of frequencies/data – it is pure energy. Unfortunately, the way the sense of perception is formed in the brain does not allow us to see the two-dimensional data form of existence. The brain is composed of frequencies, energy, and is eternal! DEATH IS BUT A CHANGE OF PERCEPTION.

  2. If we could only see... That our existence is in fact two dimensional, based on waves, on data; if we could only see... That our three-dimensional, holographic existence is in fact derived from that very data! If we could only see...

  3. It’s shocking that someone of faith who has read the surah Al-ikhlas, can believe in the Big Bang (that creation has become manifest from an explosion from a single point). The Big Bang is also in conflict with quantum theory.

  4. How strange that most people don’t realize that they are staring at hell every time they look at the sun.  The Hadith clearly state that hellfire is none other than the sun itself.  It was foretold 1400 years ago that the sun would grow and eventually engulf the earth and everything within the earth’s magnetic field.

  5. Jealousy is an extension of the ego. The only way to rid yourself of your jealousy is to rid yourself of your ego. You can manage your jealousy, you can even hide it, but as long as your ego exists, your jealousy will also continue to exist.Jealousy is the natural manifestation of ‘me’ and ‘mine’s. This is why the Quran offers a strong warming regarding jealousy.If only you would rid yourself of the ‘I’..

  6. You are a bodiless, immortal entity, capable of contemplation; you suffer because you ignore this reality and think yourself to be a corporeal mortal. If only you could KNOW YOURSELF!

  7. Religion belongs to the individual you will live the consequences of your thoughts and actions. The words and thoughts of another will not serve as an excuse when the day of reckoning comes!

  8. It must be understood that many of the explanations in the Holy Quran are metaphors; and that it is impossible for us to decipher its content without duly understanding these metaphors.

  9. A truly mind-blowing image! A cutout from the edge of the universe, every pixel of it covered by a galaxy, with each galaxy harboring billions of stars! ARE YOU STILL OF THOSE THAT THINK THAT THE QURAN DESCRIBES A DISTANT GOD ABOVE?? In that case, what can it be that the name ALLAH is referring to?

  10. It always surprises me to hear such praise for Einstein & later scientists regarding their theses on ONENESS! It has been 1440 years since the QURAN has highlighted the ONENESS OF EXISTENCE and the inexistence of godheads.Those who mistake the name ALLAH for a godhead have completely misunderstood the Quran.

  11. The surah AL-IKHLAS discloses and describes that which is named ALLAH. The BASMALA enables one to READ the Quran. It’s meaning: “The one who is denoted by the name Allah is my essential reality, the Rahman, the Rahim”. A clear declaration of the ONENESS OF EXISTENCE.>

  12. The boundless potential of the denoted ONE is referred to by the name RAHMAN, and the system by which this potential becomes identifiable is referred to by the name RAHIM. The potential of the RAHMAN is described in the Quran with the Asma-Al-Husna.Everything flows from THE ONE, TO THE ONE!

  13. The Quran refuses the concept of god with the statement “La ilaha illALLAH”.  With reference to THE NAME ALLAH, in its very first words, the Quran is calling on us to reflect; WHAT IS REFERRED TO BY THE NAME ALLAH? What do RAHMAN, RAHIM, and the SURAH AL-IKHLAS refer to? What is this ALLAH at our very own essential reality? RECONSTRUCT your understanding!

  14. For those that read my messages; if you put aside what you already know, if you start contemplating;ALLAH, will change your path and reveal new horizons. Salvation is for those that set aside what they know, contemplate, and reconstruct their understanding!

  15. You can disguise your ego with the veil of knowledge about unity and oneness, but this will eventually lead to disappointment and suffering. Unity is experienced, it’s felt.  Those who ‘experience’ unity are void of suffering. Suffering is corporeal, there is no suffering at the level of Allah! The light (Noor) of Allah extinguishes the flames.

  16. Allah speaks to his servants in the language of Allah who will then translate this to the language and understanding of their respective environments. The inputs to the brain are ‘language-less’, the outputs are in the language of the translator. The calling to existence is not in any language. The output however will be limited to the language of ‘the translator’. The sole limitations are those pertaining to the capacity of the individual!

  17. Unless you realize all the conditionings and definitions with which you limit the manifestation of the knowledge and power within your essence, your life will continue with all the problems that come with a non-evolving existence. That which limits you the most is your conditionings, your ‘My’s and your ‘Mine’s. Your My’s and your ‘Mine’s are your chains, your shackles. Why? Won’t your My’s and ‘Mine’s eventually cease to exist?

  18. Mankind excels at two things: Creating godheads,Creating that which is sacred. Thus, alleviating the weakness, they feel within. They create godheads to hope from or to disagree with, thus finding solace.That which they deem sacred is very widespread. From people, to objects, to rules!

  19. When you are fighting with someone, if you are losing sight of the fact that their essential reality is Allah, if you are unable to apologize when you remember this reality, then your faith is not with Allah; it’s with an illusory god! With whom is your quarrel when you insist that you are right? Are you prepared to spend your life in delusion, foolishly claiming ´I am right’; a life of blindness to the reality?

  20. They say that The Surah Al-Zalzalah (Earthquake)discusses doomsday.  Indeed, it does, but which doomsday? It discusses the doomsday of the individual, the various stages while TASTING death.  Read on: https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/quran/099-al-zalzala>

  21. Humanoids’ have developed gradually, they have evolved. HuMans on the other hand are the result of the spirit whispered onto ‘humanoids’, the resultant manifestation of ALL the qualities of Allah; VICEGERANT on earth.

  22. A ‘Humanoid’ is a corporeal existence. HuMan on the other hand, is the spirit of Allah. When ONENESS is revealed, a HuMan is what emerges from a Humanoid!

  23. Let me ask a question to those of you who have embarked on a path to get to know themselves, those who seek to experience their essential reality: The Rasul of Allah (saw) states: “I seek forgiveness in Allah a hundred times a day”. How is it that such an esteemed soul feels the need to seek forgiveness so frequently? Seeking forgiveness is not the blind repetition of words, far from it!

  24. So, they ask of Bektashi, O enlightened father, why won’t you perform salat? He says, I read so in the Quran, it is written, ‘do not approach salat’! But father, it says ‘while drunk’! Son I a have gotten old, Im no longer as careful as before! Past seventy, people start misunderstanding what they read, just like Bektashi. It’s a problem.

  25. Let me ask a question to those of you who have embarked on a path to get to know themselves, those who seek to experience their essential reality: The Rasul of Allah (saw) states: “I repent to Allah a hundred times a day”. How is it that such an esteemed soul feels the need to repent so frequently? Repentance is not blind, far from it!
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