1. Your essence contains elements from those you love and elements from those you hate. Through your manifestations, you exist just like they do, as part of them. Do as you will.

  2. The brain found a name for itself and called itself ‘the brain’. It created the ‘I’ and started addressing itself as ‘Me’... Then the ‘I’ started believing that it’s the one that’s speaking, that it’s the one that’s doing things! (29 April 2021)

  3. The spirit of the antichrist is manifesting itself more and more each day, turning black into white, and white into black. There is incessant FEARMONGERING being replenished daily through the media. Switch of your TV’s, lower your binds and turn inward, to your essence! Realize that Allah is sufficient for you.

  4. Those that know what the name “ALLAH” refers to; Those that comprehend the meaning of “Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim”; Know well that “KADR” is NOT something that will descend from the sky! They know that by the Angelic forces and the permission of their disposition (RABB) AWARENESS will surface from the DEPTHS OF THEIR BRAIN and become apparent! They do not worship a GOD above… They are servants of ALLAH!

  5. My dear Muslim brothers and sisters who contemplate… Instead of preoccupying yourself with celebrations around Laylatul Qadr or seeking Allah in a mosque, why not try and listen to what I have to say on the matter and spend some time in contemplation? https://ahmedhulusi.org/tr/video/24-kadir

  6. What you see here (corpse) is going to rot away underground and turn to dust. IS THIS WHO YOU ARE? OR are you the one that exists in the depths of what you see as an IMMORTAL QUANTUM BRAIN?

  7. Apart from celebrating the Eid of all who have strived and benefited from the month of Ramadan, I also share the pain and suffering of all our brothers and sisters suffering from injustice and torture across the globe. May Allah grant us salvation and bestow upon us all a state of peace and serenity.

  8. DO WHAT YOU SAY, OR SAY WHAT YOU DO! Otherwise you will lose all your credibility!

  9. There are two facets to Man: 1) His essential reality 2) The corporeality of his vessel. Whilst the Quran calls man to faith and its requisites; it also shows methods to optimize the corporeal aspects of his vessel. Allah wishes not your worship, BUT TO BE PURIFIED FROM DUALITY!

  10. There was a time when in the morning people would wake, perform ablution followed by morning salat and prayers then read the Quran. Today, it’s your mobile and news of the world! You still think doomsday is far off…think again!

  11. Man is the ETERNAL BEING that harbors the qualities denoted by the name Allah within the depths of his brain. Shame that he spends his days on worthless matters instead of discovering these qualities of eternal worth. Religion is for you to gain awareness of your essential reality.

  12. Is it miracles you seek? You can see the GREATEST MIRACLE right in the mirror. There is no greater miracle than the human being; a magnificent composition with its brain, its body, and its leveled structure from wavelengths to cells! Be grateful!

  13. Let’s discuss why daily prayer (salat) can be ascension.  Daily prayer (salat) is composed of two segments (rakat), and ends with Attahiyat. Then, this layout can be repeated. The ‘I’ commences his daily prayer (salat) and by READING the Fatiha gains awareness that he is a servant to his Rabb, and in this awareness, he bows (ruku). Upon returning to a standing position, he is now aware that the One reading the Fatiha was in fact Allah. His bow (ruku) is now complete with the observation that his whole existence is a manifestation of Allah’s governance. Then comes prostration… Prostrations are the experience of the verse ‘the one that throws is Allah’ and the nothingness of everything in the sight of Allah. The One that see’s through his eyes is Allah, the One that speaks through his lips is Allah… Allah, observes Himself through the vessel (label) of His servant. Thus, the daily prayer is complete…thus daily prayer (salat) is ascension!

  14. Religious rituals aren’t meant for for an external god! THERE IS NO WORSHIP IN ISLAM! The rituals are there for you to access your essence, and for their benefits to your wellbeing. FOR ALLAH means realizing and experiencing that ALLAH IS your ESSENCE, your ORIGIN.

  15. Time does not exist - just a series of snapshots. The origin of existence is two dimensional. We live and exist only in the moment… Time… well it’s just an illusion.

  16. Discussing religion or philosophy without a solid understanding of the mechanics of the brain leads to the discussion of metaphors as if they were real; it detracts from reality. Please watch the video on the pinned tweet. Pinned tweet: You can either take the THREE GOLDEN RULES OF LIFE into consideration and live a peaceful life, or you can disregard them and make your life a living hell. This video describes how the brain creates your very existence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWOFKIcgGbw

  17. As far as its origin, the universe is two dimensional, as far as the way the brain perceives it due to is programming, its three dimensional. This is why everything in existence is interconnected. The acknowledgement of this reality will increase over time.

  18. If the One referred to by the name Allah is going to manifest something for you, it will become manifest from within, from the power at YOUR core PRAYER is the trigger mechanism to activate this POWER. Its strength and success depend on your faith. Expect nothing from a god above.

  19. Our galaxy is insignificant in size when compared to the Laniakea galactic supercluster… our world less significant still! And there are billions of such galaxies across the universe. Now you decide; how important are you and your tiny world in sight of your illusory god above!!!

  20. Those that learn Islam from traditional sources are easily fooled. Those that memorize the Quran from start to finish but don’t comprehend it are easily fooled by those that know the Hadith and the Quran’s apparent meaning. Sufism is the science of in-depth Quranic knowledge.

  21. Strange, people revere those they deem to be saints, but they never share their understanding of the Quran with others. Islam has spread by the hand of spiritual believers, not by clerics with a superficial understanding of the Quran. Religion exists for the attainment of reality.

  22. From the Alevi’s to the Bektashi’s, many spiritual believers in touch with their essential reality have spread their knowledge over the centuries. Unfortunately, Islam has been degraded to a discussion about form and appearance in the hands of clerics oblivious of its reality.

  23. There is a colossal chasm between the Islam of enlightened saints, and the Islam taught in our day. Muslim communities that prospered for centuries with an Islam that was valued for its spirituality have gone into disarray with an Islam appreciated only for its facade.

  24. You’re wasting your life and your afterlife if you spend your days fighting over what you are going to inevitably leave behind. What will you do if it turns out that the fiends of hell (Zebani) are none other than the things that you wasted your time on?

  25. In the realm of the grave, you will not be asked of your sect or sheikh! The Quran was revealed to purify you from duality. The only question you will be faced with; Did you realize that your essential reality is Allah, and did you live accordingly? O Rabb, purify me from duality!

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