1. People misinterpret the verse: “Indeed, our word to a thing when we intend it to be, is to say ‘Be’, and it is.” The Quran discloses the system of Allah through ISLAM. It explains how the brain processes information based on its holistic qualities. It addresses every instant!

  2. Recall the verse, seek not the heavens, your “RAB” is closer than your jugular vein. Your brain is instantly answering your prayers (“pray to me and I will answer”). Refresh your knowledge. Who do you think answers when it’s servant “candida” demands sugar from the brain?

  3. Prayers, demands, requests are the call for a state of being or an action.  All the organs, bacteria and cells in the body are in constant dialogue with the brain, averting it to their needs. The brain answers them by supplying what they need, in other words, ANSWERS THEIR PRAYERS.

  4. Thinking as men do: you picture that which is referred to with the name Allah as a godhead in the distance; you cannot decipher the metaphors of the Quran; you are unable to fathom the system of Allah and of existence… RECONSIDER YOUR REALITY!

  5. Those that can’t grasp the mechanics of the SYSTEM (OF ALLAH) will never manage to decipher the metaphors in the Quran. They will continue to create an illusory reality based on misunderstood metaphors. And eventually become disappointed by the actions of their illusory godheads.

  6. THE HUMAN’S actual birth is on the 120th day after conception in the womb. As that moment is the creation of THE HUMAN, aborting a child after the 120th day is murder. So… Humans enter into the world through the womb, but their true birth is on the 120th day of conception.

  7. There are enlightened souls that live their lives with the knowledge of Oneness, and there are saints through which Oneness manifests itself. IF the heart neurons encode the pineal gland with an ‘observer’ code by  the 120th day of conception, ‘the observing one’ (Al-Baseer) will become manifest, potentially leading to sainthood;  otherwise Oneness remains only as a concept. The CONCEPT of Oneness is called Tawhid. The EXPERIENCE of Oneness is called UNITY (Wahdet). Statements like ‘I’ll be HIS eyes that see’, which insinuates a state of Observation, or ‘I’ll be the hand that holds’ define a state of UNITY. THE HUMAN is adorned with the knowledge of Oneness (Tawhid).

  8. What prevents people from seeing Allah every where they look are the veils of labels and images which prevent them from realizing that all that they see, all that they hear is Allah. The verse: “Everywhere you turn there is the face of Allah”.

  9. Allah becomes manifest as LOVE to reveal HIS quality of Al-Wadud, becoming apparent throughout creation as the LOVER AND THE BELOVED. Those that encounter their essential reality through ascension (Mi’raj) bear witness that HU is both the lover and the beloved.

  10. Anyone who thinks that the Quran doesn’t contain any metaphors should consider the below verse. How could ‘the heavens’ be referring to space, with its billions of galaxies and trillions of stars? If you wish to DECODE the metaphors, then READ DECODING THE QURAN. 


  12. The Quran was revealed to remind us of our essential reality.  It starts with the phrase; BISMI LLAAHI L-RAḤMAANI L-RAḤEEM. As does each surah, Does its first letter, the letter B, not indicate that we should search for the meaning of the verses WITHIN OUR VERY SELVES?

  13. The imitation of prayer is NOT prayer. The imitation of salat is NOT salat. The essence of SALAT is recognizing THE ONE who whispers through your lips. PRAYER is the cry of your ESSENCE to fulfill its purpose.

  14. TORTURE neither yourself nor another by pushing for the impossible! Character PERSISTS!

  15. The brain creates metaphoric images by decoding wave-based data. These images make up your holographic existence. In fact, you are decoding metaphors with metaphors. So…How close are you to reality? An illusory wave-based existence – LIFE IS BUT A DREAM! 

  16. You live in your brain’s (mind’s) holographic world; BUT it feels like you live in an external material world. (23 march 2022)

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