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The Miracle Of The Quran - “Akbariyyah”

I talked about the New Age in my previous writing. 

When is this New Age?

When modern science discovers the truth that was already revealed by the magnificent being Muhammad (saw)…

When conscious people begin to contemplate and evaluate the Light of Risalah again…

Here’s some food for thought:

If instead of the planet Earth our plane of existence were one of the atoms inside a molecule constituting a DNA strand… what would our concept of “space” and “universe” be? 

While science deciphers certain realities, does it also channel our thoughts in a way that perhaps causes an error in our perception?

This is what I’m going to try to explain in this chapter, along with revealing a key that acts as a decoder in understanding the source of knowledge called the Quran.

The New Age I’m talking about is the age in which the truth of “Akbariyyah” will be recognized and the absurdity of the external god concept that people have created in their imaginations will be seen… It is a time when people will realize that there is no celestial god by whom we shall be summoned, as we’ve been conditioned to believe, but rather “Allah” the “Akbar”!

Science opens the way for this reality to those who are in the right mind.

While the Antichrist encourages the belief in an external god through all kinds of broadcast (in attempt to prepare the groundwork to then declare his own godhood) Muhammad (saw), the magnificent spirit of eternity, has been inviting us to have faith in Allah, the Akbar, within the scope of the meaning denoted by the letter 'B'. He warns those who follow him without understanding this with his words:

O you who have believed, believe in Allah, and His Rasul, and in what He revealed to his Rasul (from the dimension of the Names to his consciousness) and to those who came before you, in accord with the meaning signified by the letter B[1]

And of the people are some who say, “We believe in Allah in accord with the meaning of the letter B (with the belief that the Names of Allah comprise their being)and the life to come (that they will forever live the consequences of their deeds)” but, in fact, their faith is not in line with this reality![2]

I’d like to now correct a misunderstanding regarding the topic of the “SPIRIT”. Then I will talk a little about how the understanding of “I AM – the reality, the One, the Haqq, etc” came about. And then we will go into our main topic, Akbariyyah.

They asked Bektashi, “Why don’t you perform salat?” he answered, “because the Quran says ‘do not go near salat’!” “Yes” they said, “but the rest of that verse says ‘when you’re drunk’!!!” Bektashi replied, “this is as much as I can read, this is as much as I know, this is as much as I believe!”

[1]Quran 4:136

[2]Quran 2:8

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