The Sun of knowledge that rose in Mecca some 1400 years ago is now rising in the West with science, confirming the message of the Quran and the Rasul (saw), and giving the good news of an impending golden era, a new age for man, an age in which the Quran will be scientifically decoded.

Now coming back to the Names and what they point to…

First and foremost we have to accept the fact that being confined by the limitation of our five senses is like being stuck behind a great steel wall of unfathomable height and trying to make sense of what’s on the other side based on what we can see through a cut as thin as that of a razor-blade…!

The visible spectrum, science’s primary source of perception (!) is extremely limited. Our eyes only pick up wavelengths that range from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter. Not even as much as a single drop in the ocean. 

What humans can perceive of the universe is merely 4% based on today’s scientific data… The rest of the 96% that we can’t perceive is dark to us. It is calculated that 60% of this is dark energy and 30% of it is dark matter. But of course, this matter isn’t the matter we perceive with our senses… Remember the matter we perceive doesn’t actually exist! 

In short, all scientific theories are based on data perceived by the physical eye basically… 

But what is the actual original form or structure of the brain? Is it flesh? Is it biochemical? Or bioelectrical? Or a part of some universal mass comprised of a composition of atoms? Or what?

The eleven dimensions of string theory are nothing other than the conversions and alterations of unprocessed “data” (information). Everything that results from the movements of strings composes the virtual reality formed by the qualities denoted by the Names of Allah inside this data. This virtual reality then not only forms the structure we call the “brain” and the perception tools of humans but also all the other countless creatures that have the ability to perceive, including those that may not be necessarily visible to us.

The warning, “Invisible beings linger and travel in your body but you cannot perceive them” is perhaps pointing to the fact that for beings of other frequencies the human body is as vast as a football field full of empty space.

Just as the human consciousness is like the print-out of the brain, or like the monitor of a computer, all biological and virtual brains, those of humans and other beings, are like the print-outs of “data” – where the Names observe the worlds they form…

Energy is the name for the perception of divine power in today’s language.

Data – pure information comprise the core essence of all concepts and meanings, but its absolute formless state is the first reflection of divine knowledge. This is the first and single reflection. It has been referred to as the Spirit or the Grand Spirit as it constitutes the source of life. In respect of the divine knowledge it embodies it has been called the First Intellect. Thus it has been said “Allah created the intellect first”.

This is where the Angelic Realm (malakut) comes into the picture… All the meanings, the multiverses, and all the beings within them are formed here by the Angelic Realm… The Universal Consciousness (Aql al-Qull) and the Collective Consciousness (Nafs-i Qull) point to the qualities of this realm. Here, meanings become forms, this realm is established by the condescension of the Names.

Life, knowledge, will, power, speech, hearing, sight are attributes that constitute the “data” (information) that we refer to as the Dimension of the Names. And the “point” is a singular structure that incorporates all of these.

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