Hidden Truths

There’s no use in arguing about religious matters with those who can’t read the universal system. They lack the sufficient database necessary for such debates. 

On the other hand, purported Muslim ‘herders’, are becoming increasingly successful at robotizing people. Never has such robotizing occurred in the history of mankind! These impressive ‘herders’ have scored a historic victory at producing hundreds of millions of Muslim robots!

Never has such wrong been done to the most magnificent source of knowledge, the Quran, and to Muhammad (saw), the spirit of eternity and the most eminent human to have ever walked on earth. 

It’d be bad enough if these perpetrators were from amongst those who deny this noble spirit, for they are neither fond of him, nor are they interested in his teachings. But alas, the very Muslims are the ones who are doing wrong by the most magnificent being who has descended as grace and mercy to the worlds… Robotized Muslims, who have no idea what they’re reciting, who unconsciously and somewhat mechanically repeat memorized words and behaviors without any conscious intellectual activity!

Stuck in such an extensive veiled state they are unaware of the weight of suffering awaiting them as a consequence! Such ‘Muslim herders’ have been programmed to ‘not think’, ‘not inquire’, ‘not research’ and to ‘not reason’; thus has their foresight been blinded and their brain functions suspended. 

While the Quran encourages the acquisition of knowledge and claims humans are the vicegerents of earth (men and women alike) and invites us to contemplate on the meanings of the metaphors it employs, the herders in question, are doing everything they can to program the people, as of childhood, to not use their brain…

Eventually these robotized Muslims do not perceive anything other than the commands and orders of their herders or programmers, as though they’ve been deeply hypnotized, they even perceive the Rasul of Allah (saw) the way their herders want them to. They cover with ‘tashbih’ (the similarity/comparability of the divine) and throw beyond with ‘tanzih’ (the incomparability of the divine)! They suffocate the people with words and phrases rather than encouraging them to explore the meanings denoted by them.

‘Knowledge’ is a key to understanding what it references, and to experience new insights through contemplation. It is not for memorizing and repeating like a burden in need of constant porting.

The Quran addresses those with an intellect, not those who live a robotized unconscious mechanic life. The magnificent source of knowledge called the Quran did not come for people to merely memorize without knowing its meaning. A simple robot can also repeat the verses of the Quran and imitate the motions of salat. What’s man’s difference? 

Robotization is the loss of our generation. If only those who commit this crime knew the scary consequences awaiting them, if only they were aware of the extent of wrong they are doing to the magnificent being, the Rasul of Allah (saw) they would lose their minds!

Its ironic how they claim to deeply love their ‘beloved prophet’ but then they outright discourage people from questioning and researching his teachings ‘lest they lose their faith (!)’ Little do they know they are losing much greater things, which they can never regain. There is no room for excuses in the system. 

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