Due to our conditionings and limited database we think fate is like God’s list of decrees and commands for each individual. Whereas if we examine the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) regarding fate under the light of modern science we would see that they are both referring to the same universal reality in two different ways.

The reason why fate wasn’t understood clearly or remained ambiguous to those in the past is because they employed a dualistic view, failing to see things from a point of unity. As Rumi talks about the cross-eyed pupil who saw one bottle as two bottles, the truth is, the seemingly multiple stations, domains and worlds, are all a single, indivisible Reality. They’ve been given different names according to different points of perception and the qualities they manifest at those different levels. When the brain forms its database, it does so from infancy mostly with the data it perceives through the eyes and ears. The data that enters the brain through these channels automatically forms the duality of “material and immaterial”. If the brain evolves and develops itself to later overcome this dualistic imprint and recognizes the unity of existence, it will eventually develop the ability to evaluate things from the perspective of oneness. That is, knowledge enables the brain to earn a new multiple dimensionality.

The reason why we think there are multiple or parallel realities and universes is simply because our brain isn’t developed enough to perceive this profound absolute unity due to its insufficient database. The reality is a single oneness, an indivisible reality that only seems to be many according to the perceiver. 

Just as the numerous names of Allah don’t clash or contradict with the unity of the Names as they point to the many different qualities of the One…. In the same way, what is referenced by the Dimension of the Names, the world of Lahut, the Dimension of Jabarut, the Angelic realm, the world of Nasut etc. all point to the same world, same reality.

The domain of the dhat (Absolute Self), the Dimension of the Names, the World of Acts also point to the ONE reality. 

Just as nafs (self-ego), heart, spirit, the hidden self, etc. are all the same thing and differ only according to how they are perceived and experienced. Similarly, there are consciousness levels within the cells, molecules, protons, electrons, quarks, photons, etc. comprising the different levels of a single body.

If this is understood correctly then the reality that there is only one knowledge, one will, and one power in the system and from their functions results a multidimensional single frame picture (the world of Acts, afal) can be easily recognized. Thus the reality that there is no other than the one “who manifests itself in yet another wondrous way at every instance” may be seen.

Those who don’t take a scientific approach in deciphering the metaphors used in religious text but prefer to repeat what they hear and limit everything to what they see obviously can’t go beyond a dualistic view; they’re bound to think the physical dimension is separate from the meta-physical. This is due to the lack of the understanding of unity and unfortunately they aren’t aware of the duality (shirq) 

in which they’re trapped. As if there is a separate one who is compelling and a separate one who is being compelled.

Perhaps when the sun of science has completely risen from the west the concept of unity will be comprehended correctly and it will be seen that the duality of part-whole / compeller-compelled etc. never existed in the first place. The reality of religion will be understood and the Rasul and final Nabi of Allah (saw) will be given the credit he deserves, albeit I may not see those days…

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