Individual consciousness is like the print-out of the brain, or a section of it…

The brain itself is the print-out of universal data-information. Therefore, the discernment of certain saints in the past who asserted, “the essence of the world is a dream – everything that is experienced in this world is a dream within a dream” actually reflects an absolute reality.

Flow of meanings come from the world of Jabarut (data – the Names) and become manifest in the realm of matter as the brain, and then go back to their essence, constantly becoming existent and non-existent, just like it was authenticated in the past…

In the previous two chapters I talked about how the perception of matter is the hypothetical result of the five senses and that the actual world is much different to how we perceive it to be. I tried to express my concern regarding our failure to decode and discern the realities revealed to us via the magnificent source of knowledge, the Quran, and the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw), and how this was resulting in a contaminated and corrupt understanding of religion let alone spawning a generation whose views are based entirely on matter and materialistic values. 

I attempted to explain the reasons behind the warning “one who is blind (aamah) in this world will be blind in the next world”…

The word “world” points both to this planet on which we’re living and also to one’s personal world of experiences. The verse, “The life of your world (the world of conditionings) is nothing but amusement and entertainment”[1]is in reference to the one’s personal world, not to the physical world. Despite interacting with one another, everybody lives in their own world; a world inside the cone projecting from their “point”. Our dreams are a clear example of this. 

Though the sun is the hell of the physical world, for one day the Earth is going to evaporate into the sun and become totally extinguished, the hell of the person is their state, both physical and psychological. In other words, besides the hell one can be exposed to due to their body and the beings in his environment, one can also experience a sense of mental or psychological burning, much worse than any sense of burning caused by fire. Like the burning and suffering one feels when he loses a loved one. The Quran symbolically refers to this event as fire that burns the skin over and over again. To think of this is as physical fire in an environment where there is no matter or a material body would be nothing other than a robotic understanding.

But obviously supposed men of religion who have no Hadith knowledge or who lack the mental capacity to understand them can’t be expected to decode this. 

To fathom the reality and scope of the hell the Rasul of Allah (saw) was referring to with his words “On the Day of Resurrection, the sun would draw so close to the people that there would be left a distance of only one mile. The people will be submerged in perspiration according to their deeds, some up to their ankles, some up to their knees, some up to the waist and some will bridle at it (and, while saying this, the Messenger of Allah put his hand towards his mouth).” one needs to have a powerful brain with vast intellectual capacity. Memorizing a few verses and denying Hadith that challenges one’s mental capacity is clearly not the way to go.

Likewise, one who can’t see a reality this clear can’t be expected to discern the essence of man and existence, or which aspect of man will experience heaven, and where and how this experience will take place. 

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be surprising to see self-claimed ‘sheiks’ who spend their lives narrating Sufi stories, imitatively claiming “All is One, nothing else exists, I am the One, you are the One” to think of themselves as amongst the highly enlightened Supreme Saints. 

The truth is… when a depressed consciousness due to the failure to recognize its reality at the level of the Self-Accusing Self (Nafs-i Lawwama) begins to receive inspirations from the level of The Inspired Self (Nafs-i Mulhima) he begins to primitively scream out “I AM – I am the One –I am the Reality!”…

[1]Quran 6:32

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