These seven primary attributes result in “takwin” (production, formation, bringing-into-being) which quite literally brings the Names into being, thereby forming existence (kawn), i.e. the corporeal worlds - the multiverses.

The most important factor here is the perceiver. For, it is according to the perceiver that the perceived is formed. The perceiver? The individual!

The individual finds life through perception. This forms his reactions and interactions and thus enables him to fulfill his creational purpose. My understanding of the purpose of reciting iyyaka na’bodoo wa iyyaka nasta’een” (You alone we serve, and from You alone we seek the continual manifestation of your Names)[1]in salat everyday is for us to experience ascension (miraj) to remember and experience this truth. 

But you cannot perceive their dhikr” is because an individual cannot perceive or understand the function and servitude of other individuals within the multiverses, from the micro to the macro. 

Perception is based on the Names comprising the individual’s core. When we say the dimension of the Names we’re referring to a single structure with countless qualities. These countless qualities create countless individuals and embed them with countless attributes and properties. 

The fact that it “manifests Itself in yet another wondrous way at every instance” is because at every instance this oneness constantly takes a new appearance as a single frame picture. Thus the worlds become existent in one instance then non-existent in the next…

Please understand this well: The One denoted by the name Allah, in respect to His absolute essence (dhat), is free and beyond what is yielded by the manifest worlds.

I hope these writings will remove the misunderstanding of a celestial god in space who watches everyone from above and sends books from the skies, and enable the understanding of the reality of what is denoted by the name Allah as explained by the Rasul of Allah (saw). I also hope we can stop reducing the Rasul of Allah (saw) to the level of “our beloved prophet” and recognize the magnificence of the “Reality of Muhammad”.

To move from the assumption of “a god who thinks like man” to the understanding of “becoming moralized with the morals of Allah” we must first fathom what is referenced by the name Allah.

Determining the verses in the Quran that point to certain mysteries and secrets, and contemplating upon them will allow one to have a totally different approach and evaluation… Allah willing, this too will be possible one day.


20 January 2007

[1]Quran 01:05

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