Think of these heavens and planes denoted by the words Kursi (Footstool – the actualization and dominance of the reality of the Names) and Sama (heaven) not as respective dimensions going outwards towards space but inwards towards the origin, the point… In fact, think about which sub-dimension our universe, which we perceive as an atomic based plane, may possibly comprise within the sub-dimensions of a universe of a higher dimension? 

It turns out the topic my readers have most difficulty understanding is the topic of the projection of names from the point and the multi-universe formed as a result, and the infinite points formed by infinite projections…The name Allah is most frequently misunderstood as denoting the “point”. However the reality of Allah is impossible for us to comprehend for we are told “Allah is al-Ghani - beyond being labeled and limited by the manifestations of His Names, as He is Great (Akbar) and beyond all concepts.”

Hence Allah cannot be limited by any conceptual idea or label or “point”.

Allah is the creator of all points! And there is no other word other than AKBAR that denotes this reality. 


Is it possible for one who contemplates on this and experiences this reality to not be in absolute awe?

It is a reality beyond the point, a reality whose existence we can recognize with knowledge but whose details and absolute comprehension we can never ever reach!

Did you ever seriously contemplate on this?


The Rasul of Allah (saw) expressed his experience of this reality during prostration with his words:

 “I cannot evaluate and know you as you know yourself!”

I wonder how many people can really say Allah and Allahuakbar knowing and feeling their meaning? And how many people pass through this life praising and glorifing a deity they’ve created in their minds whom they’ve labeled “Allah”, like the shepherd of Moses (pbuh) who wanted to lay his deity on his lap and clean the nits out of his hair!?


6 February 2007


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