When Jesus comes back to earth (to the level of the body) the Antichrist will melt like salt in water… Realizing his existence is comprised only and totally of the names of Allah, his Antichrist (his ego, his notion of the body and individual self) will melt away and the expression of the name al-Mudhill (The One who exposes dishonor in some and degrades below others, the One who deprives from honorable qualities and compels to humiliation with the veil of the ego) will recede. The expression of the name al-Waliy (The One who guides and enables an individual to discover their reality and to live their life in accordance to their essence) will begin to dominate instead.

He will say “B-ismi Allah” before all his actions, acknowledging that all his actions are done for the sake of Allah and not his ego, and he won’t limit Allah to any of his actions either. He won’t fall into duality by acknowledging his ego in any way and thus he will become of those who are protected from illusion.

After this some will go on to experience the Station of Moses, the Station of Jesus, the Reality of Muhammad and the Reality of Ahmad, continuing to observe the One within the secret of the letter B and in the state of Akbariyyah… while others will become the successors of Muhammad and assume various duties amongst the people. 

Blessed is the one who can perform salat with the experience of Akbariyyah and continue his duty with the name of Allah….

B-ismi Allah… 

By the One who is denoted by the name Allah…


12 March 2017


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