We must understand that salat is not a ritual but an act of turning towards one’s source, and contemplate on why salat is an essential prerequisite, why its claimed to be the pole of faith...

We must explore the dimension of Names, and inquire into their meanings…

In the past there were Masters (Murshid) who explained these realities within the cultural context of their time and students who followed them unquestionably. Today however there are neither such masters nor such submissive students.

Hence the importance of study and research...

I think the greatest miracle of Muhammad (saw) was disclosing the Quran in a time where people saw themselves only as physical bodies and their brains as a chunk of flesh, and who believed god created the earth with a magic wand and from it molded man with his hands to subject him to tests and trials etc...

Anyway... Some of my writings may be difficult to understand for those who don’t know the science of man and who tend towards evaluating things from a matter based viewpoint. When one has a materialistic approach to things they disregard the fact that all that is perceived is merely electromagnetic signals that are interpreted by the brain and thus a material world essentially does not exist as we think it does. When one can overcome this conditioned way of looking and explore the Quran from a scientific perspective the magnificence of the Quran may be appreciated.

Non-duality or the unity of existence can’t be discerned with a materialistic religious approach.

Muhammad (saw) prays, “My Rabb, show me the reality of things!” 

Matter or “things” only appear to exist due to signals from our sensory organs and hence our perception is limited by them. Matter is a relative reality, there is no distinct line separating matter from non-matter, but to comprehend this one must see the reality of things as the Rasul asks to in his prayer…

You may ask, “but if this is the case then why does everybody perceive matter as matter?” Because everybody has the same mechanism of perception.

Plus, all technology developed in this area interacts with the same sensory organs… Therefore no matter how advance they may be they cannot change man’s limited relative perception.

Whether our own universe or the multiverses, the entirety of existence is according to our perception. The actual reality of things is much beyond all of this. It cannot be perceived with the eye, but with the names as-Sami and al-Basir

When these names begin to manifest themselves at high frequencies in one’s brain the reality of things will begin to be recognized, his consciousness, which is like the print out of this reality, will begin to experience the meaning of B-ismi Allah (By the One who is denoted by the name Allah).

The Dimension of Names in Sufism points to the names of Allah, also known as the world of Jabarut, this station is called the First Reflection. Those to whom this reality is disclosed claim there is no other reflection besides this one.

Here, there are no concepts based on duality or non-duality. This is what is referred to as Allah by those at the level Nafs-i Mulhima (The Inspired Self).

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