To say illa ilah (only god) instead of “illa Allah” (only Allah) after la ilaha (there is no god) is quite obviously senseless, not to mention grammatically and literally inadequate. If instead of “god” the name “Allah” is mentioned then clearly the name Allah doesn’t reference a god. However most people think it’s saying there is no god (or no other god) but there is a super being called Allah who pretty much fulfills the role of a god… The word “god” in the following verse, for example, doesn’t refer to a being but to a function, a mechanism pertaining to the heavens and the earth that is apparent to man:

It is HU who is (thought to be) the god of the heavens (with His Names) and the god of earth! HU, the Hakim, the Aleem.[1]

There is no name such as al-ilah (the god) amongst Allah’s names. ‘God’ refers to the mechanism that enables the manifestation of Allah’s names. Not a super being or a deity that should to idolized. The verse “ilahin nas” (the God of man) means the names of Allah are disclosed through man:

“The God of man,” (The reality of Uluhiyya that resides within the essence of every human, with which he subsists his existence, and mistakenly thinks this state pertains to a god outside of himself!)[2]

As I mentioned earlier there are two types of verses in the Quran. The first type is direct and literal, like the qualities of Allah: “Allah is Ahad, Allah is Samad…”[3]The second type isn’t so literal, it employs metaphoric language:

Neither drowsiness overtakes Him (separation from the worlds even for a single instance) nor sleep (leaving creation to its own accord and withdrawing to His Self).”[4]

It is clear from all of these descriptions that Allah isn’t a deity. At least this is my understanding. Allah is al-Aleem (The One who, with the quality of His knowledge, infinitely knows everything in every dimension with all its facets.)

There are various verses that mention, “Their existence depends on the existence of the Absolute Reality (haqq).” This means their existence is comprised of the names of Allah or that they derive their existence from the dimension of Rububiyyah

The name “Haqq” (Absolute Reality) in my view is one that encompasses all of the meanings of all the Names of Allah.

The Absolute Reality cannot be divided, it doesn’t have an inside or an outside, a beginning or an end, and it is manifest in every iota of existence. If one is to have the experience of reaching the reality through the mystery of “dying before death” then events that can be classified as smaller scales of doomsday will begin to emerge in their lives… They will begin to discern the truth of Mahdi and Rububiyyah… Then Dajjaliyah (Antichrist) will show itself and the person will accredit Rububiyyah to his self, claiming his essential reality is the Absolute Reality, he will take his ego-identity-body-self to be his Rabb, thereby falling into the vortex of the Nafs-i Mulhima – The Inspired Self.

From the elevated degree of observing the Absolute Reality in his own reality, he will fall to the level of his Pharaoh self at the level of the body. Then if his existential construction allows, the reality of Jesus will reveal itself and the mystery of the letter B will become manifest to him. 

[1]Quran 43:84

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