The word HU doesn’t have a fixed meaning, depending on its position in the Quran and the context in which it is mentioned it can have different connotations.

The totality of the Angelic Realm is known as the Angel called SPIRIT. Thus it is said, “Allah created my spirit first…  Allah created my light (Nur) first”…

The angel or force called Spirit is also the Kursi (Footstool – the actualization and dominance of the reality of the Names) - it encompasses all of the heavens, levels, and the multiverses, it is the holographic existence. It is the First Intellect. 

The Luminous Spirit (one’s personal Rabb) and al-A’yan al-Thabitah (The immutable archetypal realities ) pertain to His knowledge.

When one experiences Ascension by turning inward to his essential reality (salat) he actually experiences the phenomenon denoted by the Rasul’s words, “Your Rabb is at salat…”

The prerequisite for the experience of salat as performed by Muhammad (saw) is first and foremost to feel and experience the meaning of the takbir “Allahuakbar”. Without this experience salat cannot be considered to have commenced. After the takbir, the person says “B-ismi Allah” (By the One who is denoted by the name Allah) to seal the understanding of non-duality, then continues to live that which is symbolized by  the chapter al-Fatiha with ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim…

Hamd comes from the name al-Hamid (The One who observes and evaluates His universal perfection on worldly forms manifested by His Name al-Waliyy; Hamd belongs only to Him) and is formed as a result of the names as-Sami (The One who perceives His manifestations at every instance. The One who enables awareness and comprehension) and al-Basir (The One who is constantly observing His manifestations and evaluating their outputs), which all pertain to the Rabb of the worlds.

While the Jalal attribute, which is derived from the name ar-Rahman forms the Kursi and the heavens (vertical existence) the Jamal attribute which results from the name ar-Rahim creates the horizontal existence or all the forms within each of these heavens. 

Maliki yawmiddeeni points to the single administration within all the processes of the Sunnatullah, the Divine System and Order.

Iyyaka naAAbudu means everything that is created by the Rabb of all the worlds is in a state of servitude by fulfilling its own unique purpose of creation. It’s important to remember the verse Quran; 17-44 here:

The seven heavens (all creation pertaining to the seven states of consciousness), the earth (the body) and everything within them exalts Him (tasbih; fulfill their functions by constantly manifesting in different ways to express His Names)! There is nothing that does not exalt (tasbih) Him with hamd (evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills)! But you do not perceive their functions! Indeed, He is the Halim, the Ghafur.

All of the attributes and qualities that are denoted by the names belong to a single existence, an indivisible, non-dual, holographic existence, no other existence besides this one can be thought of… 

I also want to briefly discuss the meaning of the word of unity “la ilaha illlallah” as some of my readers have asked for more clarity on this.

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