The names al-Hayy, al-Aleem, al-Mureed, al-Qadir, as-Sami, al-Basir, and al-Kaleem, comprise the primary attributes of the Dimension of Names and have thus been referred to as the attributes pertaining to the Absolute Self (dhat). One who isn’t an intimate of the reality thinks the name Allah points to this station, but alas, Akbariyyah is far beyond this!

Those who have attained divine closeness (qurbiyyah) on the other hand, are captured in the observation of the One, observing the Akbariyyah in awe.

The qualities denoted by The Beautiful Names belong to this single Existence, the Ahad and Samad. The first part of the chapter al-Ikhlas emphasizes this truth. The verse, “lam yaleed (He begets not )[1]” according to my understanding, meansno other form of existence has ever originated from Him, thus, there is no other. In other words there are no other reflections besides this One. It is pre-eternal (azal) and post-eternal (abad).

All of the meanings referenced by these names manifest themselves in man at all times though he isn’t aware of it: 

And He taught (programmed) Adam (the name ‘Adam’ in the Quran references every single human, who in reality is nonexistent and has been created from a state of nothingness through the manifestation of a composition of Names) all of the Names (all knowledge pertaining to the Names and their manifestation)[2]

How can man be aware of the Names in his essence when he isn’t even aware of the functioning of his brain and body? This lack of understanding inevitably leads to limiting the meaning of the name al-Hasib to “the one who will call to account after doomsday” instead of recognizing the ‘the One who is swift at reckoning’ (sari-ul- hisab) through the mechanics of ‘consequence’.

This causes one to leave this world in an infinitely blinded state unaware that his afterlife is caused directly as the result of his actions here and now. 

The meanings of the names are different according to each station and level of understanding; what we read and write about are like the tip of the iceberg, providing only a glimpse into much deeper realities. The Dimension of the Names is an extremely comprehensive topic, all acts transpire at this level. 

Be careful not to limit the meanings of these names with your confined finite understanding and judgments, lest you become of those who are referred to in the verse: “Did you not see the one who has deified his ‘hawa’ (instinctual desires, corporeality, illusory self)..!”[3]

The observation of the qualities denoted by the Dimension of Names begins with the names ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim:

Rahman is established on the Throne (Rahman established His sovereignty by creating the worlds [the existential world created by the potential of the Names inherent in one’s brain] with His Names, i.e., in the quantum potential, Rahman observes His knowledge through His knowledge)[4]

The opening out of this is the Angelic Realm.

He manifest Himself in yet another wondrous way at every instance” looks to this level.

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