Now let us examine the scientific discoveries that point to the Akbariyyah of Allah, as opposed to the broadcast of the antichrist that pulls people to matter-based ideologies…

If you’ve seen the video “Powers of Ten” or similar videos, where we zoom out of Earth and our galaxy farther and farther until our own galaxy is visible only as a speck of light among many others, you’ll know what I mean when I say there is no god “out there”!

So if there’s no god out there then the whole belief system based on this idea is totally invalid and hence we are forced to re-examine and re-question the whole thing! What is the Quran, this amazing timeless book of answers addressing not only the society to which it was revealed but also the whole of humanity throughout all ages, this infinite invaluable source of knowledge and “Light” (Nur) really telling us?

What does the phrase “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great) really mean? To which reality is it a reference? Is it referring to a deity subject to the limited notion of a god in space?

How has the mind blowing truths revealed by Allah’s Rasul and final Nabi (saw) been reduced to the concept of a celestial god and postman-prophets? How has it been restricted to the absurd understanding that our bodies were created with clay and they will be re-created with clay on doomsday (when earth evaporates and disappears!?) and we will all be summoned before an almighty god and our deeds will be weighed on a giant scale upon which we will be judged and sent to either heaven or hell!?

The understanding that unlocks the door to duly evaluating the Quran lies in the correct deciphering of the language that is employed in it. Whether they reference this world or the afterlife, certain words used to convey knowledge that emanates from the source of Risalah have to be understood in respect to their deeper meaning as opposed to what they literally meant 1400 years ago. 

The fact that the language used was necessarily that of the age in which it was revealed does not necessarily mean the meaning has to be limited to the understanding of the age in which it was revealed. The Light of Risalah comes from a source that is beyond time and space, a source that encompasses and observes all time and all space.

This is a significant Quran decoder for one who understands my message; it is also an explanation for why the Quran is valid until the Doomsday. 

It is, for example, to think of the atomic plane where it says “clay” and to at least think of DNA where it talks about a “clot of blood”. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a single person on Earth who has been created with clay! It is absurd and incomprehensive to think of a god with two hands molding a man out of clay!

The Quran refers to the cell as “an evolving cellular structure” in respect to the minerals and water it contains. When Iblis talks about the creation of Adam he’s not talking about some hocus pocus magical transformation of clay into a human, he’s making an emphasis on Adam’s dependence on matter as his physical body has a dense make-up comprised of earthly minerals. What he means to say is “With my radial wave based body I can bustle about as I like in Adam’s empty space of atomic body!” And he’s not totally incorrect! However, what he fails to grasp is that the spirit of man is a unique composition of Allah’s names such that it is the only creation that contains the quality of vicegerency. Hence, those who manifest this quality observe the worlds with the eyes of Allah (al-Basir) and witness the Greatness (Akbariyyah) of Allah. In essence, man derives his existence not from clay but from spirit! The word “man” or “human” is actually a reference to the conscious being composed of the divine names comprising the Spirit (the totality of divine meanings and qualities).

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