Some noble scholars said “The Divine Reflection took place only once (The Single Reflection); it didn’t occur again.” Again, this is to point to the same reality; that the Angelic Realm (Malakut), formed by the condescension of the Names (the perception of meaning) is merely a dream, essentially non-existent.

“The worlds have not even smelt the fragrance of existence” is also to accentuate this truth. 

The fact is, we’re all living in a completely virtual reality, albeit we perceive it as solid and real. And it will continue to be this way, through various dimensional transformations, indefinitely…

Some are going to realize this truth and experience its outcome, while others are going to change dimensions in a “blind” (aamah) state and remain forever blind (of knowledge).

The state of Absolute Unity and Oneness (Wahidiyyah), to which we often refer as the Dimension of Names, or the single frame picture, encompasses the innumerous qualities denoted by Allah’s Names. All of this however, refers only to the fact that all forms of existence are “forms of knowledge” i.e. virtual. In fact, because these qualities denoted by the Names of Allah address mankind, they correlate directly with man’s perceptive ability.

Within the dark substance that we call “dark matter” comprising 96% of what we cant perceive and of which we have no definite knowledge, there are innumerous qualities of Allah, unbeknownst to mankind.

The Dimension of Names, with its infinite vastness, is simply a collection of divine qualities formed in the projection of a single point within the knowledge of Allah.

There are infinite such points, all of which are projections and manifestations of Allah’s infinite incomprehensible knowledge!

It is because these worlds are all forms of knowledge within divine knowledge that we say the One denoted by Allah is an absolute unknown in terms of His essence and thus it has been said “Do not ponder on the essence (dhat) of Allah”.

His single manifestation, what we call a single frame picture, encapsulates all of the 3D multiverses. It is merely a single “point” of manifestation within His infinite knowledge. It is the whole of existence constantly manifesting itself in yet another way at every instance. And it is also what we refer to as the Station or Dimension of Divine Names. In scientific terms we may call it the level of strings; essentially we’re really only referencing the infinite database of energy-data (power-knowledge).

To be a little more clear, the “point” that I keep referring to, is one dimension of Names amongst other dimensions of Names pertaining to the One referenced as Allah, which in our world, we call the “strings”.

Sufism refers to the inner dimension (batin) of this “point” as aamahand to its outer dimension (zahir) as wahidiyyah (Oneness). It’s also known as “jabarut” and its personalized virtual state is referred to as “malakut”. All of this is in respect to the Creator.

The name “HU” points to the quintessence of the point.

The actual essence of Allah (dhat) can never be known or conceived, as I have already noted above. It is in this respect that it is said, ”Allah is al-Ghani from the worlds (beyond being labeled and limited by the manifestations of His Names)”

How can it be possible for the human consciousness, which only has a virtual existence within the dimension of Names inside the projection of the point to conceive and comprehend the One in whose sight there are infinite points!?

How can one not confess his helplessness and nothingness in the sight of this “Akbar” One?

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