The reason why it is said, “the essence of existence is non-existence” is because everything exists in one instance, then becomes non-existent in the next instance, and then become existent again, continually…

Those who think the Sufi word “wujud” means the “physical body” obviously can’t comprehend this. “Wujud” means existence, or the perception of existence. 

The infinite phenomenon called the dimension of strings is an ocean of “power and knowledge” – an endless flow of energy and information  (data).

Because the essence of existence is comprised of the Names, it derives its existence from Allah, and thus, due to the infiniteness of Allah’s Names, the dimension of the strings is continually and infinitely transforming, ad infinitum…

Strings are the final and most latest point theoretical physics has been able to reach pertaining to the reality of existence.

But in actuality, the essence of what string theory aims to depict is non-existence. Of course, new theories can be surmised as alternative explanations in the future.

There is no path beyond this for those who have become “existent” from “non-existence” in the Knowledge of Allah, for there is no multiplicity in the ocean of meanings comprising existence.

The Divine Names and Attributes are Whole, and Holistically they manifest themselves differently at every instance, thus all meanings that become manifest merely constitute the projection of a single point in the infinite field of Allah’s Names.

This projection is nothing other than the output of an instance of Allah in the realm of strings, or the “point”.

The One denoted by the name Allah is free from the worlds means this infinite existence is free from becoming restricted to the manifestations of this point, no matter how vast and limitless they seem.

The word “yawm” which means “the present moment” is actually this very instance in which the innumerous and the ever-changing projections of the point are reflected.

When Ibn al-Arabi said, “The universe continually and sequentially becomes non-existent and then existent again at every instant…” he was pointing to the constant and infinite renewal and transformation of the strings, for he too was among those who READ.

The prayer of the Rasul of Allah (saw), “O Allah, reveal to me the reality of things(forms-manifestations)” he was actually requesting access to the unperceivable knowledge pertaining to the essence of the things that are within the range of our perception.

The description, “Allah was, and nothing existed besides Him. No air was under him, no air was above him” to which Hadhrat Ali (ra), the zenith of Sainthood, added, “And it is still so…” i.e. “It is still that moment”, points to the dimension of Names within the sphere of Divine Knowledge. In other words, despite all perceived phenomena in reality there is only the One whose name is Allah, all else is essentially non-existent.

So let those who can think and who claim “matter exists” grasp something with their thoughts instead of their hands for once! If they can…

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