Juz' 7

The Quran in general is divided into chapters (surah) and verses (ayat). It is additionally divided into 30 equal sections, called juz . Of note, division into Juzʾ has no relevance to the meaning of the Quran and anyone can start reading from anywhere in the Quran. The divisions of juz do not fall evenly along chapter lines. These divisions make it easier to pace the reading over a month’s period, reading a fairly equal amount each day. This is particularly important during the month of Ramadan, when it is recommended to complete at least one full reading of the Quran from cover to cover. Some use this divisions to facilitate recitation of the Quran in a month, especially during Ramadan when the entire Quran is recited in the Tarawih prayers, reciting approximately one juzʾ a night. 

The seventh juz’ of the Quran contains parts of two chapters of the Quran: the last part of Surah Al-Ma'idah (from verse 83) and the first part of Surah Al-An'am (to verse 110).

Select Quotations:

“No more is the Rasul bound to do except to provide the knowledge (of the reality and its requisites)...” (Quran 5:99)

“If you could but see when they are confronted with the fire (suffering) they will say ‘Oh, if only we can go back (to our biological life on earth; as biological life is required to activate the forces within the brain) and not deny the signs of our Rabb (our intrinsic divine qualities and potential deriving from the Names that comprise our essential reality) and be among the believers. But that which they concealed before (the knowledge of reality with which that had been endowed) has now become apparent to them. And even if they were returned they would return to the things from which they had been forbidden, they are liars indeed. And they say, ‘There is none but our worldly life, and we will not be resurrected, if you could but see when they will be made to stand before their Rabb (when they recognize and become aware of the potentials of the Names within their own reality). He will say, ‘Is this not the Reality?’ They will say, ‘Yes, it is our Rabb.’ He will then say, ‘So taste the punishment now as the consequence of denying the knowledge of reality.” (Quran 6:27-30)

'And there is no animate creature on (or within) the earth or bird that flies with two wings (knowledge and power) except (that they are) communities (formed with an order based on a specific system) like you! We have not neglected a single thing in the ‘READ’able (Book) of the created existence!...' They shall all be gathered unto their Rabb.(Quran 6:38)

“Certainly, I have turned my face (my consciousness), cleansed from the concept of a deity (Hanif), toward ‘Al-Fatir(He who creates everything programmed according to its purpose) who created the heavens and the earth, and I am not of the dualists.” (Quran 6:79)

“... Say: ‘Allah’ and let them amuse themselves in their empty discourse (their illusory world) in which they’re absorbed.” (Quran 6:91)

“Yet they attributed the jinn (invisible beings) as partners onto Allah – while He (Allah) has created them (the qualities they manifest are comprised of Allah’s names)...” (Quran 6:100)

“Sensory perception perceives Him not but He perceives (evaluates) all perception...” (Quran 6:103)


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