Why does the Quran want intellectual people to reflect on and decode the metaphors and analogies it uses?

Let’s reform our system of thought! 

Let’s systematically question and really try to decode the secrets revealed to us by the Rasul and final Nabi of Allah (saw) instead of getting stuck on their surface like those in the past were bound to… 

Let’s make the best of the Nur of Risalat (the disclosure of Allah’s Knowledge) and be of the grateful ones.

If you recall, I had said earlier, that the Rasul and final Nabi of Allah had READ (iqra) the system and narrated this using metaphors and symbolic language.

What was the reality that he read? What exactly is he referring to with these metaphors and symbols?

Which is more real? The things we see or the things we READ? Is READING merely perceiving and pronouncing a string of letters or is it the decoding of internal and external data by the brain? Is consciousness about what the brain “sees” or the data it synthesizes (READS - processes)?

First and foremost, if we really want to discern certain truths, we have to let go of the genetic habit we’ve inherited of separating the metaphysical realm from the material realm. That is, we need to stop thinking “There is matter, which I perceive with my senses, and then, beyond this matter-based physical dimension, there is also a spiritual, metaphysical realm.” On the contrary, they are one and the same thing. We call the part that we perceive with our five senses “matter” and the part that we don’t, “metaphysical” or “beyond matter.” In reality, we’re not talking about two different dimensions or formations, we’re really only talking about the same thing!

In reality, there is no “SEEING” only “READING”!

The brain does not see, it manifests what it reads.

The brain reads and processes all internal and external data it receives, some of which are converted to images, and thus “seen.”

In fact, the brain itself doesn’t even exist the way you think it does, its essence is data – energy. In other words it’s no other than a composition of Names.

What’s more, what you call “matter” is not even real; the only thing that’s real is what you call “beyond matter”. Matter is merely a conditioning and a constriction of the brain based on the five senses. 

Everything we perceive as 3D, from what we reference with expressions such as “space” and “multiverses” or in Sufi terms afaq (the outer dimensions), all the way down to the single frame picture we call the level of strings, or the anfus (inner dimensions), comprise a single dimension. They are all one and the same thing!

The manifestation or the condescension of the meanings of this absolute unity called the world of JABARUT forms the world of MALAKUT (angelic realm), which comprises the observation and the experience of existence.

All thoughts become non-existent at the level of LAHUT. It is the world of nothingness, referenced as Ahadiyyah.

The world of strings have come about with the two hands of Allah, i.e. Rahmaniyyah and Rahimiyyah, or data and energy (the dimension of the Names). The ever-changing manifestations of this dimension at every instance is what forms the multiverses and everything that’s perceived within and through them at the level of Malakut (forces). This has also been expressed as “the worlds are the forms of knowledge within the Knowledge of Allah” in Sufism.

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