I had a wish 30 years ago... I wished that people would invest their money into neuroscience instead of trying to explore space... Today this is becoming a reality, important advancements are taking place in this area.

When I wrote that the practice known as 'dhikr' i.e. the repetition of certain words in the brain, is not to please a god in space, but to activate certain inherent qualities in the brain, I was criticized by those who are still trying to apply yesterday's perception to today.

When I spoke about the microwave received and spread by the brain I was questioned by the alleged learned ones (!) "What do microwaves have anything to do with the brain, microwaves are to heat food!"... Today there is a boatload of information available on the Internet about the brain-microwave interaction!

But like I said, I'm not in any rush.

I thank my Rabb for all that has become manifest.

Everyday science is confirming yet another one of my writings.

One day, when the metaphors of the Quran are deciphered and the codes are decoded and understood, those whose brains aren't blocked, who are open to new knowledge are going to confirm that the Quran is a timelessly valid system and that Allah's Rasul, Muhammad Mustapha (saw) was the most magnificent brain and 'spirit' to have come to earth.

The Quran was revealed to the consciousness of Rasulullah via the angelic forces that manifested from his 'point' to his Throne (arsh) - it explains the Universal System and order/mechanism called Sunnatullah. Every unit of existence exists as a projection from its own point and all of it is a part of the same system and order.

As I wrote and underlined previously, no physical book was sent down from the sky, revelation is pure knowledge that becomes disclosed in the consciousness of Rasuls and Nabis from the 'point' of their reality.

Knowledge is consciousness. It's not possible to separate the two.

When knowledge is forgotten, does this mean a part of consciousness disappears?

Consciousness cannot exist without knowledge! As soon as one talks about consciousness they're talking about knowledge/data. Data is the 'form' of consciousness. Consciousness is the essence of knowledge, i.e. they're the same thing!

I actually wanted to talk about salawat in this writing. The importance of the salawat that we send to the Rasul of Allah (saw).

Although more detailed information can be found in 'The Power of Prayer', I'd like to share some important points here:

First of all, our conception of death isn't like that of the 'religious clerics'... Our faith isn't like theirs either... We don't believe we will become dust after we die and then disappear and then become re-created during doomsday! We don’t believe we'll be taken to the presence of a god in space, we don't believe in a scale with two pans or even digital scales!

According to the knowledge we've obtained from the Quran and the Rasulullah...

"Every individual consciousness will taste death" (Quran 3:185)

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