1. If the brain is automatically creating our existence at each and every instant, then what is the function of the ‘I’ that we continuously refer to? If what we refer to as the brain is not flesh and blood, then what is it?  Is there an ‘I’ that exists outside of the fully automated brain? Can there be reasonable answers to unreasonable questions?

  2. Did you ever think about directing your actions based on your intuition? Your intuition will always steer you right, it will always protect you from harms way. You can avoid falling victim to your emotions by following your intuition. Your intuition is a revealer! Heed its call and apply its advice. It knows best l!

  3. Your brain is a wave/data converter. The information that is received as data gets ‘materialized’ WITHIN your brain.  The concept of anything external is illusory.

  4. What is more valuable? That which you will use for only a short while or that which you will use forever?  Is it a good idea to take solace in your daily illusory existence whilst faced with the observation of the eternal? Have you thought beyond all the metaphors and teachings...what is your essential reality? Feel, realize your essence, and learn to observe from that viewpoint!

  5. Faith is there to show you the way. But to reach the objective, you must walk along the path that faith has shown to. Are your footsteps in the direction of your ultimate objective, or are you one of the many that stroll any way they please, all the while appearing interested in the objective.

  6. We created a timeline and cut it up into twelve pieces. Finally, we have reached the end of the twelfth piece. Tomorrow night we will celebrate the very last morsel and welcome the new batch. In the realm of the brain, time does not exist... only a memory consisting of singular frames and short video clips. Your whole life is composed of momentary snapshots. (end of 2019)

  7. Why is it that you are unable to apply what you know? It’s because you can’t forego your fears, you can’t abandon all that you hold dear. You spend your life worried about what can go wrong. You have NO FAITH in the reality that everyone will live out their destiny; you drown in the misconception that it’s “your fault”. Save yourself! Say (experience the reality of) Amantu Billahi!

  8. When you criticize someone else, the criticism is always based on a comparison to your own values.  Whereas the criticized are not bound by your values…they live in their own world, according to their own values. Criticism serves only to satisfy oneself!

  9. The concept of appearance for the universe which composed of wavelengths of endless frequencies is no different to the concept of appearance for a computer program/software.  Waves, frequencies are the true form behind every thing you ‘see’.  Realize your reality, try and conceptualize how it’s formed.

  10. You watch in awe as the car speeds up and slows down by itself while using adaptive cruise control, you watch in awe as it parks itself. The human brain, creates these advanced features in cars.  It does this and so much more, yet you are not surprised, you are not in awe, you are not even aware! SubhanAllah.

  11. Your hatred, your admiration, they are all for what you have created in YOUR world, according to YOUR values. Their absolute reality is very different from how YOU see them in YOUR world.  Your struggle will not cease, it will drag on until you realize this. Come to grips with your reality, realize how YOUR world is formed, realized who YOU are!

  12. Ingratitude is one of the greatest handicaps in an individual’s internal program. What are the thought patterns in the brain that lead to ingratitude? Why does this behavior (ingratitude) eventually lead to missing out on so many invaluable eventualities? Something to think about.

  13. Those with knowledge of reality never regret! However, when it comes to those who do not yet live the requirements of this knowledge, the situation is different. If they don’t regret (don’t learn from their mistakes) they forego the opportunity to advance towards their essential reality. Their regret is the awareness of opportunities missed. The moment never repeats itself. Missed opportunities are gone forever. Seize the moment!

  14. Those that seek the cause of their unhappiness through others can never attain salvation. Everything we experience is from and due to our own internal program. If there’s something that’s not working out, something that’s going wrong, we have to look for the solution in our internal decision-making process.  Otherwise we will remain condemned to our existing vicious circle.

  15. Acts of worship alone cannot lead you to salvation. Your acts must be guided by the knowledge of reality for them to nudge you towards your essence.  You cannot progress unless you apply the knowledge that you have attained in your day to day life.

  16. Birth is death, whilst death is birth! People are born dead! (The verse: you were lifeless (unaware of your essential reality) and He brought you to life). Then some are revived (with the knowledge disclosed by Allah). Then you die once again (death before dying). Then, once you taste of death (your literal death) you are reborn to life ever-after!

  17. If only people could focus more on preparing for their ever after rather than wasting their time preaching onto others! We come alone, alone we shall remain!

  18. Those with true intelligence look to mastery over themselves rather than others. They spend their lives in preparation for the ever after! Whilst the narcissist prefers to spend his energy on directing others under the guise of being helpful - whilst in reality, only indulging his own ego. If your goal is enlightenment, if your goal is to abandon your ego, then stop trying to convince others of your ideas, say what you think if prompted and move on.

  19. When your conditionings cause you to suffocate from the events in your life, ask yourself this: What are these events worth in the ‘sight’ of Allah? If you have faith that is, if you can claim Amantu Billahi! Or just try and observe events on earth from above.

  20. It is judged that those that are blind (to the reality) whilst they are alive, shall remain blind in the afterlife…not the ignorant, the blind! It can thus be deducted that knowledge does not prevent blindness! To attain the knowledge of unity does not necessarily bring about sight (in its non-literal sense)! If ALL you see is Allah, wherever you turn, ONLY THEN ARE YOU NOT BLIND.

  21. We have been notified that if the veil of corporality is not lifted while we are alive, that we would remain blind in the afterlife. ‘Sight’ incorporates various dimensions, the extent to which you are exposed to in the afterlife depends entirely on your worldly life. There is no possibility to ‘see’ a dimension in the afterlife, if you have not seen it during your worldly life.

  22. People fear death, whereas there’s nothing to be afraid of.  People are in fact unaware of their own deaths at the very beginning.   Ask yourself this though, are you ready to confront the conditions that you will be faced with in the afterlife? Are you not afraid of being unprepared?

  23. We’re ageless, but we feel like we’re aging! It’s our attachment to the body that makes us feel so.  We’re all alone, but feel overwhelmed by the crowd! It’s our attachment to our possessions that makes us feel so. All actions come from our essence (our Rabb), but we believe they are our own, that we exist as a separate entity. It’s our ignorance that makes us feel so.  The result; how we live, what we feel, how we suffer!

  24. Maybe one day the one you love will no longer be by your side. If you are not making the best of their presence today, don’t be surprised at your regret and sorrow when they are gone and you are faced with the consequences of your ingratitude.

  25. If you cannot surmount your conditionings for the one you love, that means that your love is superficial at best. Stop fooling yourself and learn to change. Be sincere! 

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