1. You share a bed with the one that you love, that you say you cannot live without.  You embrace them and fall asleep. The moment you fall asleep, they are no longer a part of your world, and you are no longer a part of theirs! You are both immersed in the dreams that your respective brains are constructing…And this is how your afterlife will be!

  2. Those that speak to you in a way that’s pleasing to you, then tell others how they really feel are called TWO-FACED/HYPOCRITES. THE PRICE OF ALLYING YOURSELF WITH TWO FACED/HYPOCRITES IS HIGH.  For they exist only to serve themselves!  No telling when they will leave you hanging.

  3. Don’t expect to attain knowledge from someone that you’re able to criticize, for you will never be able to benefit from it. The knowledge you use to criticize them creates a barrier between you and them!

  4. As far as your corporeality goes, you are just another creature. Whereas as far as the spirit blown from within, you are Vicegerant. The corporeal being is frail and makes mistakes, suffers. The vicegerant is magnificent, in a state of pure observation.  The corporeal being is a creature and can never reach Allah, can never become Allah!

  5. How can you hope to attain something NEW by repeating something old? Try to bring that which you have never done into your life. Escape your comfort zone so that your RENEWAL can commence!

  6. Everyone is trying to DETOXIFY the body. Detoxification of a body that will eventually turn to dust! What about the detoxification of the BRAIN? The detoxification of the eternal quantum/data brain, the detoxification of your soul? What are we doing to detoxify from the corporeal assumptions and judgements that litter our brains?

  7. It is impossible for one who has not attained depersonalization to ‘see’ the essential reality of people!

  8. How do people who are unable to direct their own lives based on their objectives expect to be able to direct the lives of others? Allah has deluded them to the point that they wish to impose their thoughts upon others.  If you have a mind, if you have intellect, use it for yourself.  Stop tormenting your mind by imposing your thoughts onto those that you will soon abandon.

  9. Is it at all sane for one that shrivels up when asleep and that gets devoured by critters after being buried to think himself to be great?

  10. His mind is numb with alcohol, doesn’t understand a word of what is being said, keeps repeating himself... I too should write a book, just like you he says.  You tell him: stop drinking. I can’t he says, it’s my only friend, my sole companion. In that case cheers you say, and carry on.

  11. You live in the universe created by your brain. You either turn your life into hell due to your ignorance, or you live at peace with yourself through love and understanding.

  12. Objection, means I know better! When someone claims to know better, why escalate the matter by again claiming to know better than them. Why make it a matter of pride, a matter of EGO? Answer the question, if someone claims to know better, then fine - stay silent!

  13. The reward from Allah in return for what you donate depends not on the intrinsic value of what you give, but on its importance to you! If you are giving away what you no longer like, what no longer has value for you, it’s value in the sight of Allah will also be equivalent to the value that you assign to it, regardless of its value for the receiver!

  14. Your perception is either from the viewpoint of Allah, or from the viewpoint of the material world. There is no grey area, just like the blind and the seeing!

  15. When you like someone, they can do no wrong, when you dislike someone, all they do seems to be wrong!

  16. Doesn’t this full moon make you bust at the seams, does it not burst you out of your cocoon, does it not throw you in LOVE’s lap, does it not make you beside your SELF?<

  17. WHERE in this universe is god situated? Among the trillions of galaxies, each harboring billions of stars that we know of so far...where?  And how important are you within this immeasurable vastness?

  18. If you can’t feel it, but you talk about it anyway – you’re a gossip, a hypocrite!  If you were ordered to speak only of what you felt – how silent would you be?

  19. The NOW that contains all universal data/information acts as the genome of the new NOW that it creates and becomes. The system of genetic information getting uploaded to the brain through genetic recording demonstrates how the mechanism within the NOW duplicates itself from the macro realm to the micro realm.

  20. When struck with the lightning of LOVE, whatever is inside will catch fire and burn until it bursts its casing.

  21. The data of the entirety is present in the software of each and every cell.

  22. If you were a lightbulb: The knowledge (Noor)emanating from vicegerency is like electricity, your core software like the filament, while the ego is like the glass casing. The more you purify away your formed ego, the brighter you can shine the light of your vicegerancy.

  23. The manifestation of the knowledge of vicegerency at your core and its consequence upon you depends on the composition of your internal software and your persona. The knowledge (Noor) of vicegerency IS a KNOWLEDGE, WILL & POWER.

  24. Freedom cannot co-exist with expectation or anticipation!  Live in the moment, bereft of the past and the future, so that you may be free.

  25. Those that lie with LOVE shall rise with LOVE while those that lie with dogs shall rise with fleas. Perceive how you rise, so you will understand with whom you lie!

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