1. What's left of your world when you fall asleep and start dreaming? The same will occur on tasting death! How ready are you for the afterlife?

  2. How are dreams formed? Your experiences are data archived in your brain, and are extracted based on the ideas or emotions of the day. When you go through pictures on your iPad, what you feel while looking at the same picture at different times depends on your mood at that time. When you dream, you go through your data archive and extract data based on your state at that instant. Your state dictates the dream! In fact, the people you dream of are not the individuals themselves, rather the values that they symbolize. Purer the archive, purer the dream.

  3. Your faith is to what you see or to what you don’t? May Allah grant us faith at every instant. May Allah fill our hearts with LOVE OF COUNTRY.


  5. It seems that it's time for Turks living in Europe to return home. The way things are going Europe will cease to be a safe place to live.

  6. O Allah, the refuge we seek from YOUR wrath is in YOUR grace. Refuge from you is with YOU! It’s YOUR refuge we seek against terrorist attacks.

  7. When you depart this world will you be of those having lived a life of LOVE, or of those that withered in hatred? Those whose composition manifests the meanings of Al-Wadud, will live an existence of love, whilst the manifestation of the names Al-Qahhar and Al-Muntaqim will lead to conflict and battle.

  8. Now is the time for a cool head and logical and mindful evaluation. Emotional outbursts will lead to regrettable actions.

  9. Drastic times lead to powerful vortices. When you leave this world, what is left is akin to what you recall from a dream.  Worth the worry?

  10. They ask of a Sharia state… Islam exists for the individual, not the state! Religion is for the people, not for the government! The consequences to be faced in the afterlife are for individuals, not the state! Man WILL LIVE the reality of Islam.

  11. May Allah protect me from ingesting that which I cannot digest!

  12. The ego cannot stand in the way of love. If your ego is preventing you from love, then the love you are experiencing cannot be true.

  13. Love comes from Allah and goes to Allah. Only the heedless think that love comes from the self.

  14. If you are encumbered by the stress and worries of daily life, the solution is to escape to Allah. The lover escapes to the beloved.

  15. The one you forget can never be your beloved. The lover never forgets the beloved, the lover can think of little else than the beloved!

  16. Thinking visualization occurs externally and not in your brain is no better than thinking that actors are tiny figurines inside your TV set. All that you see is none other than a wave based existence and the illustrative illusion it creates within the brain.

  17. You live within an imaginary illusion, a Hellish existence defined by your assumptions!

  18. The Illuminator is there to save you from YOU and unite you with Allah. Not to solicit worship for himself or one above. Abandon yourSELF!

  19. It's hard to find the spiritual guide you seek! First you must get to know Allah! Without guidance, how will you abandon your illusory gods?

  20. Your closest friend is the one you reach out to on your most difficult hour! Who is it?

  21. Life is but a dream and upon death, you will be all on your own and confronted with the system of Allah. Do you understand the Sunnatullah?

  22. The one who sincerely relies on Allah (one who stops fighting and appoints Allah as his guide) will certainly attain a state of closeness.

  23. The Kaaba is a MIRROR to the pilgrims visiting it! Its visitors experience their hearts worth; some their selflessness, some their encounter. And the ones who experience wonderment but revert to their old selves on their return? Seek refuge in Allah from a life driven by the ego!

  24. Those who comprehend the mechanics of the Brain, also know (bear witness) that willingly or not, everyone is in a state of servitude.

  25. The Quran says: it is Allah who created you and all your doings. Were you asked the characteristics you prefer before being born?

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