1. The purpose of RELIGION is to enable the recognition of the mechanics of the brain and the universal system in which we're living.

    2. The future of those who don't research the reality of Islam & judge religion based on the "Muslims" is loss & disappointment.

    3. Most explanations contained in the Quran have been scientifically confirmed, if you care to research.. Religion is founded on reality..

    4. One who claims "I know myself" yet is ignorant of the functioning of the brainis merely deceiving & contending himself with metaphors.

    5. The brain created the computer so that its own capacity can be understood to some extent. Today computers control societies...

    6. Computers are the source of both social manipulation & scientific advancement. The working class will be composed of the computer illiterate.

    7. To properly use a computer means to form and utilize the programs that serve one's life purpose, not to surf the web…

    8. Think about all the things computers can do. Now think about what the brainthat created the computer is doing this very instant...

    9. The whole of creation, especially humanoids, live their lives upon "what can I take?" Living upon "what can I give?" is specific to HUMANS.

    10. Iblis is a jinn referred to as satan because he's driven by satanic qualities. The same applies to people whose lives are similarly driven.

    11. LOVE is a quality of the higher brain, sex is a function of the gut brain. LOVE is a blessing from heaven, hatred is a flame of hell..

    12. A heart devoid of LOVE is beneath all the creatures on earth regardless of intelligence! To love is to want to give w/o expecting a return.

    13. The brain created the computer, computers made robots. Emotions are formed by data. If man has emotions, eventually robots will too..

    14. The automatic procession of data & its automated output of results is the operating system of existence. Don't question. READ the system.

    15. Nobody is exempt from the automated "input-process-output" mechanism of data. Man is NOT a robot (!) Hmm.... Or is he?

    16. Does the word robot refer to an object or to an attribute? Are the entities around us not completely confined to an automated system?

    17. If it weren't for LOVE the worlds would not exist. Passion is a derivative of love. Where love shows its face, passion follows..

    18. Stop searching outside & expecting from others, find it 'within' yourself, this is the message of the Quran & the difference of the Rasul!

    19. If the Names of Allah comprise your essence, then it is these qualities within that can emancipate you, not masters and gurus outside!

    20. To blindly follow external figures is an act of blindness. To expect salvation from 'outside' is an act of denying the reality 'inside’!

    21. Remember the verse: And man will only attain the results (consequences) of his own deeds (what manifests through him; his thoughts &actions)

    22. Those who fail to understand the essential message of the Quran hand over their brain to others & wishfully wait to b admitted to heaven(!) Hence pointing to this truth all Sufi saints from Ibn Arabi to Jilani said "Allah is your essential reality, dont seek outside, seek within."

    23. The brain secretes high levels of the hormones melatonin and serotonin during 3-4 am, which leads to enhanced sensitivity in the brain. Prayers done at this time (esp in prostration) will activate other forces (Names) in the brain which can lead to powerful transformations. Increased flow of blood and oxygen to the brain during prostration & the stimulation of other related hormones will activate these forces.

    24.  Sufism isn't gossip & babble about unity, its to purify your self & discover your true Being. It's for you. Not for others.

    25.  I rain & I flow on… The cloud doesn’t concern itself about where the water goes... that's the farmer's concern! He reaps what he sows. 


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