1. Blessed be our Friday if we can answer this: At what point does the will and power of Allah end and the will and power of man begin?

  2. For those interested in spirituality: You can't pass your class with somebody else's notes. So long as you have pride and ego you're in loss.

  3. If you think you're different/superior/privileged over others, you're in denial of all the other manifestations of the One, which is pharaohism.

  4. The most important point of Sufism is how and what you feel about yourself. If you feel you and others have an existence besides the One, you are in duality.

  5. Do you see others as the manifestations of the One? If yes, then what are your feelings about them? How do you treat them?

  6. The level of advancement of a society is reflected in the level of respect they show one another in traffic. Civilization: Pedestrians first!

  7. They ask me "If Allah is ONE why is the word WE is used in the Quran?" Let me explain: The Infinite Limitless Oneness denoted by Allah has infinite qualities called the Names. All things, whether perceivable or not, are created with the various compositions of these Names. Since the Names comprise the essence of all forms/beings, all administration/formation in existence is driven completely intrinsically. Hence “WE did this WE did that” means “with the qualities of the Names comprising your essence, the qualities embedded within your depths”, i.e not by an external god enforcing his administration upon you but with the qualities of the Names comprising your being referenced as Allah. Thus when we say “If my Rabb permits me” it means “if the Names comprising my essence allow me, ie. if they are suitable for this task…”

  8. Those who ruthlessly murder innocent people are savage animalistic creatures in the guise of humans! “End the cause of harm.” (Hadith)

  9. If any knowledge makes you proud and critical and gives you a sense of importance over others then that knowledge has become your Antichrist.

  10. If your knowledge doesn’t make you see that “Wherever you turn is the countenance of Allah” then get rid of it, it will only lead to loss/suffering.

  11. Dispute and quarrel is for the blind. Those who see the reality do not dispute, they simply ‘share’ and move on. Because they ‘see’ others.

  12. There are animals more brutally savage than those who kill for food when hungry. They are disguised as people and they kill for power!!

  13. While a true Human lives with the principles of love, respect and friendship, the savage men slay and murder the innocent. They are lower than animals.

  14. The Grace of Allah does not reach us from a throne in the sky but from the hearts of his servants who have realized their essential reality.

  15. Some fell far from Allah because they didn't think and some because they confined Him to their assumed knowledge. They failed to submit!

  16. Some got so close but couldn't handle it, for it meant removing the ego/self... and some, out of their pride, couldn't come close at all…

  17. For some, their worldly possessions were in the way, and for others, fear of losing their loved ones and belongings... It wasn't meant to be!

  18. Submission was too hard on their pride and ego, they couldn't overcome their fears, they couldn't abandon their worldly attachments…

  19. They chose to console themselves with their imaginary god; the one who, they believed, will meet their expectations. They couldn't submit!

  20. They couldn't see how money, labels, fame, knowledge, closeness, and even love can be a trap! And thus, they fell afar…

  21. In short, failing to let go of their assumed identity/ego/self, despite all admonitions, they were doomed to suffer the fire of separation!

  22. Can we love and embrace each other despite our differences in color, race, gender and religion? Simply because we're all manifestations of Allah?

  23. I swear by Allah, who you think you love, what you think you love in them, and what makes itself lovable to you, is no other than Allah!

  24. You can sacrifice everything with your ego in the name of Allah, but the ego itself can only be exterminated by the power of love!

  25. The path to divine closeness goes via sacrificing the self. Or else, you can't go further than the level of the Inspired Self (nafs-i mulhima).

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