1. If Sufi discussions don't drive you to act and apply this knowledge then they are nothing other than empty recreative sufi gossip!

  2. Knowledge is for action. If your knowledge isn't making you act, there is either something wrong with the knowledge or something is wrong with you.

  3. The cocoon of your mind is weaved with your conditioning and value judgments. Only by cleansing yourself from these can you come out of your cocoon!

  4. How interesting... It's as if people were created to eat! They eat and eat, then diet and run around like crazy trying to lose weight!

  5. If what you explain is perceived and understood keep explaining/writing/sharing. If not, stop torturing others with your explanations!

  6. The knowledge of one who believes in reincarnation is nothing but gossip. Authentic knowledge comprises the knowledge of the system.

  7. It's ingratitude to turn away from your loved one because of a trait you don’t like in them. Nobody's perfect. Love them with their imperfections.

  8. You can't add anything to one who thinks his knowledgeable enough to criticize you. To trust is to assume others' knowledge is above your own.

  9. In this life, where nobody 'truly' knows an other, the biggest accidents/mistakes occur out of underestimation.

  10. Increased levels of stress, distress and aggressiveness in adults derives its roots from prenatal maternal stress. The effects of stress, distress and the destructive environment to which the mother is subject during maternity is passed on to the baby. All psychological traumas/frustrations the mother experiences during maternity is copied to the baby's brain and experienced in his later life. Mothers who want to give birth to healthy babies must stay away from anger, frustration, violence, and all forms of stress.

  11. How much of the things over which you fight and upset yourself today will you see in your dream tonight? Same thing applies to death. Is it worth it?

  12. The people you choose to be with are the people you love. Knows its value and enjoy it. Don’t deny the blessings of your Rabb, be of the grateful.

  13. The discretion of Allah becomes apparent on those around us. We are constantly tested with this. May our Rabb enable us to be of the grateful.

  14. My friends, I believe the mobile phones and tablets we're using are the primary cause of the increased levels of forgetfulness… We can hardly remember the names of people and places. I believe we need to keep them switched off at all times other than urgent situations. Or use it only when necessary than switch off immediately. Pregnant women shouldn’t use it at all if they want their babies to be healthy. I believe it’s one of the most potent and detrimental vortexes of our time. It’s more harmful than tobacco.

  15. One whose format is of dispute can never understand love. He'll only know to oppose and fight. Love is to sacrifice yourself for the beloved.

  16. Anger spawns anger, hatred spawns hatred, violence spawns violence, fire spawns fire. The environment in which you live becomes your world.

  17. Those who are driven by the name al-Wadud will LOVE, those driven by names like al-Qahhar and al-Muntaqim will spend their lives in fight and strife.

  18. Look at and inspect the lives of those who live to kill and control and then look at the lives of the superior-minds who use and control even them.

  19. Salam be upon the free-minded who don't let others use them, who spread peace and love, and who serve only Allah!

  20. Your every thought is created by Allah, from you, to you. Connect to Him, talk to Him and ask from Him, your Innermost Essential Being. Pray!

  21. It’s time to pray! Think well and pray for that which won’t lead to regret later. I promise you, if you don’t give up on your prayer it will be accepted.

  22. Everything your living is the result of your prayers, whether made by tongue or action. Even those you don’t want are so they can lead to those you do!

  23. If you don’t believe ALL actions are created by Allah you cannot have faith in Allah. There is no heaven for one who isn’t pleased with Allah!

  24. A great grief has befallen us. Grace be upon the martyrs and patience to their loved ones. Those who wage war against Turkey will be defeated!

  25. Any adversity to which Allah subjects the people is like a surgery to heal them from their ailments. Health is hidden in pain.

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