36. Ya-Sin

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Ya Sin (O Muhammad)!

2. And the Quran full of wisdom (which he disclosed)!

3. You are most definitely of the Rasuls.

4. Upon a straight path.

5. With the comprehensive knowledge disclosed to you by the One who is the Aziz, the Rahim.

6. So that you may warn a people whose forefathers have not been warned and thus who live cocooned (from their reality, the sunnatullah).

7. Indeed, the word (“Hell will be filled with the majority of humans and the jinni”) has come true for most of them! Because of this they do not believe.

8. Indeed, We have formed shackles (conditionings and judgments) around their necks up to their chins! Their heads are aloft (they are unable to see their essential reality; they live driven by their egos)!

9. And We have formed a barrier before them and after them (they can neither see their future nor take lessons from their past) and thus We covered them... They can no longer see.

10. Whether you warn them or do not warn them, it is all the same; they will not believe!

11. You can only warn the one who remembers (the reality that is reminded) and who is in awe of the Rahman, as his unknown. Give him the good news of forgiveness and an abundant reward.

12. Indeed, it is We, yes only We, who can bring the dead to life! We write their deeds and what they put forth! We record everything (with all its detail) in a Clear Book (in their brains and their spirits).

13. Give them the example of the people of that city to which the Rasuls had come.

14. When We sent two Rasuls to them and they denied them both... Upon this We sent a third one and strengthened him, and they (the Rasuls) said, “Indeed, We have been disclosed to you.”

15. They responded, “You are not but mere humans like us... And the Rahman has not disclosed anything... You are but liars.”

16. (The Rasuls) said, “Our Rabb knows, we have indeed been disclosed to you.”

17. “We are only responsible for clear notification.”

18. They said, “Indeed, we think you are a bad omen... So, if you do not desist we will definitely stone you to death and a severe suffering will afflict you from us.”

19. They said, “Your bad omen is from you... (Is it a bad omen) because you are reminded (of your reality)? No, you are a wasteful people.”

20. Then a man came running from the farthest end of the city, saying, “O my people, follow the Rasuls.”

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