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Salawat and The Mirror Neurons

I want to draw your attention to a topic I've not previously shared...

But I want you to know that I'm in no rush, time will tell!

Perhaps it will be confirmed within a few years or after I pass on to the next dimension that it is the human brain that produces the human spirit, comprised of what is commonly known as 'wave'.

It will be confirmed that every brain produces its own fingerprint, i.e. spirit, carrying a unique code, and thus it will be established that reincarnation, the idea that one who has tasted (experienced) death can come back to the world with a new body, is impossible!

I had written in 1972 in 'Spirit Man Jinn' for the first time that each brain produces its own spirit with a unique code and that when the relation between the conscious being called human and the brain is ceased, the wave-body called spirit will continue its journey forward, through various stages and dimensions...

Those who conceive Muhammad (saw), the most magnificent person to have come to earth, as the 'prophet of god' sitting on the star Orion think the human spirit is carried with winged angels from the realm of spirits and placed into the embryo!

Those who are unaware of the universal dimensions and the place of earth within the galaxy and man's place on earth, those who are confined to their cocoon, are obviously not aware of the Quran revealed by Rasulullah (saw) and thus deprived of the signs, secrets and knowledge contained therein.

In one sense, the word spirit is used to denote the essence and purpose of something (e.g. to say one hasn't the grasped the spirit of the matter means they haven't really understood its essence) its other meaning is the consciousness formed by the waves the brain produces.

Data and wave is the same thing perceived differently. What is 'wave' in terms of its form, is data in terms of its content and essential make-up.

As for the meaning of the verse "I have blown my spirit into..." Blowing, the act of blowing the air in the lungs out through the mouth, points to the manifestation of Allah's names, which comprise one's essence, from the person's essence to the brain.

Obviously it doesn't suggest there is a god that blows air through his mouth as some actually assume!

But this isn't what I wanted to write about.

Our topic is knowledge.

The cosmic ocean is essentially nothing other than the motion of waves. In other words, it's the motion of data, comprising universes within universes!

Everything is a wave of data!

The verse "There is nothing that does not exalt (tasbih) Him with hamd (evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills)! But you do not perceive their functions!" - Quran 17:44 is a clear indication of the data integrality. Everything in the universe is alive; nothing is dead. Something is 'dead' when it doesn't feel or experience life. Life is knowledge, life is absolute, death is relative.

Consciousness is nothing other than data!

Think about it, can you separate your consciousness from your knowledge?

What you call 'I' is data!

Everything in the universe is a single frame composed of multiple dimensions, its multiplicity is due to the perception of its perceivers (the manifestations of the attribute of knowledge).

An ocean of waves comprised of an accumulation of knowledge which manifests in yet another different and wondrous way at every instance!

Data and wave is the same thing perceived differently. What is 'wave' in terms of its form, is data in terms of its content and essential make-up.

Data is what forms the body and the brain.

And data is no other than the 'breath of the Rahman' that becomes manifest through the One who Rasulullah (saw) references as 'Allah', perceived as multiple universes all within one another.

The 'point' is divine knowledge.

Data is the 'form' of qualities that have been explained in the past as the names of Allah.

Existence is perceived according to the database forming one's perception capacity.

All formations in existence at every point occur from the inside out, based on their database.

Just as every writing or picture is formed of a series of points, the single frame picture is also formed by data, which manifests in another way at every instance, with all its dimensions and layers.

This is why every person, happy or not, lives in the cocoon formed by his own point, as a result of his data and as necessitated by the Sunnatullah.

A healthy brain is the biggest blessing in the world, the brain is a cluster and treasure of data!

Everything in man's life becomes manifest through the brain. Man is the brain! Even if a brain transplant were possible the brain will continue to live with its own character! When the brain is made redundant its life ends and the character produced by it ceases its ties from the material world.

DNA is a conscious cluster of data.

The brain is not the piece of flesh that some think it to be!

Today science has not yet deciphered the reality of the brain. Our knowledge pertaining to the brain is very limited compared to the infinite vastness of this ocean of data.


We're only just realizing that DNA is a conscious cluster of data.

We're only just becoming aware that DNA forms different databases with waves, or that the brain is operated by a biochemical and bioelectrical structure...

We've just realized that enzymes are living bits of information, and each cell has thousands of enzymes, each with unique functions... For example, there are enzymes that cut the DNA strand, they recognize certain codes in the DNA strand, align with them, and then split the strand into two... Hence information on the DNA strand turns into an action on the protein... Just as the DNA data is transformed into life on the enzyme, the body which is comprised of enzymes, becomes manifest as life at another level. Living information!

On the other hand, we've only just become aware of mind control, the act of directing the brain via certain external waves.

But of course it's impossible for those who live with the knowledge of the past to perceive and accept these things.

I had a wish 30 years ago... I wished that people would invest their money into neuroscience instead of trying to explore space... Today this is becoming a reality, important advancements are taking place in this area.

When I wrote that the practice known as 'dhikr' i.e. the repetition of certain words in the brain, is not to please a god in space, but to activate certain inherent qualities in the brain, I was criticized by those who are still trying to apply yesterday's perception to today.

When I spoke about the microwave received and spread by the brain I was questioned by the alleged learned ones (!) "What do microwaves have anything to do with the brain, microwaves are to heat food!"... Today there is a boatload of information available on the Internet about the brain-microwave interaction!

But like I said, I'm not in any rush.

I thank my Rabb for all that has become manifest.

Everyday science is confirming yet another one of my writings.

One day, when the metaphors of the Quran are deciphered and the codes are decoded and understood, those whose brains aren't blocked, who are open to new knowledge are going to confirm that the Quran is a timelessly valid system and that Allah's Rasul, Muhammad Mustapha (saw) was the most magnificent brain and 'spirit' to have come to earth.

The Quran was revealed to the consciousness of Rasulullah via the angelic forces that manifested from his 'point' to his Throne (arsh) - it explains the Universal System and order/mechanism called Sunnatullah. Every unit of existence exists as a projection from its own point and all of it is a part of the same system and order.

As I wrote and underlined previously, no physical book was sent down from the sky, revelation is pure knowledge that becomes disclosed in the consciousness of Rasuls and Nabis from the 'point' of their reality.

Knowledge is consciousness. It's not possible to separate the two.

When knowledge is forgotten, does this mean a part of consciousness disappears?

Consciousness cannot exist without knowledge! As soon as one talks about consciousness they're talking about knowledge/data. Data is the 'form' of consciousness. Consciousness is the essence of knowledge, i.e. they're the same thing!

I actually wanted to talk about salawat in this writing. The importance of the salawat that we send to the Rasul of Allah (saw).

Although more detailed information can be found in the 'Power of Prayer', I'd like to share some important points here:

First of all, our conception of death isn't like that of the 'religious clerics'... Our faith isn't like theirs either... We don't believe we will become dust after we die and then disappear and then become re-created during doomsday! We don’t believe we'll be taken to the presence of a god in space, we don't believe in a scale with two pans or even digital scales!

According to the knowledge we've obtained from the Quran and the Rasulullah...

"Every individual consciousness will taste death" (Quran 3:185)

Consciousness will not die, it will only taste or experience death!

After this experience, it will continue to live...

Death is the disconnection of the tie between the integrality of consciousness-spirit from the brain-body.

What I'm trying to explain is something else though...

The brain can also tune into the frequencies of a single brain, this is known as telepathy...  In other words, your brain can be directed and programmed by another person without your knowledge. Due to this quality of the brain the Rasul has advised people to frequently make salawat to him.

The extent to which the current consciousness realizes the reality here in this dimension of life, determines how it will continue its life uninterruptedly with the radial (Nur based) body after it loses its tie to the brain.

Thus it has been said, "He who was blind in the world will be blind in the hereafter", he who hasn't realized the truth before the experience of death can never realize it after death!

On the other hand those who realize the truth and live accordingly in the worldly life, will develop certain forces, and with this they will be able to continue their life in the Realm of the grave (barzakh).

In the past some claimed "everything is matter" and some claimed "there may also be a spiritual world somewhere far and beyond in space"... whereas today science has made it evident that these are not two different locations and that it's actually the same thing in the perception of the perceiver.

Thus it has been realized that in terms of his body and brain the person is in the material world, and in terms of his consciousness and spirit (radial wave body) his in the spiritual world.

There are innumerous research and broadcast in the West today about brain waves and how they affect each other.

If man is the vicegerent on earth according to the Quran...

If the human brain is the central force formed by the 'breath' of the countless names and qualities of the One referenced as Allah...

And if the human brain is in constant interaction with its surrounding and the info loaded waves it receives and outputs constantly...

Then is it not possible to be in contact with the Nabis and Rasuls who are also still 'living'..?

Don't take this as a conversation between two people though!

The brain is a receiver-transmitter just like a radio that's open to receiving many different frequencies...

Thus it receives waves that are suitable to its receptor from even people it doesn't know, then claims, "Suddenly I had this epiphany!"... One wonders from where???

Let's remember the function of mirror neurons... Centuries ago it was already known that people were always affected by those around them – i.e. the function of mirror neurons!

Indeed, the people we spend your time with or the brains that comprise the communities in which you reside find a way into your brain and program you, whether for the good or the bad… How do u think social manias, uprisings or social trends come about?

The brain can also tune into the frequencies of a single brain, this is known as telepathy...

In other words, your brain can be directed and programmed by another person without your knowledge. Due to this quality of the brain the Rasul has advised people to frequently make salawat to him.

Indeed, Allah and His angels bestow blessings upon the Nabi... O believers, send blessings (turn to) him and greet him in submission! (Quran 33:56)

This verse is actually saying:

The One denoted by the name Allah, whose presence is in every iota of existence, and the qualities of His Names that manifest as angelic forces, direct him to read the reality of the system called Nubuwwah and the Sunnatullah... So turn to him and tune into this frequency that radiates from him such that your mirror neurons can receive these waves and evaluate them and lead you to tranquility... (yusalloona = the function to disclose the knowledge coming from the essence to the consciousness)

Thus, the extent to which one turns to Rasulullah (saw) and brings salawat to him, is the extent to which he can connect to his sublime spirit and consciousness and receive & evaluate the data from the waves he broadcasts...

Upon understanding the knowledge coming from the Rasul and the Sunnatullah and becoming aware of the reality of the system he cam shape his life accordingly and have a peaceful life.

This isn't specific to the Rasul (saw) actually, this is a system, a mechanism, one of the many functions of the brain.

When people turn to those with a comprehensive and strong consciousness (spirit) either living in this world or who have passed on to the next dimension, they receive the waves that are emitted by them via their mirror neurons. This is a vast topic. This is also how the enlightened ones communicate and transmit data to each other. What is known as 'Rabitah' in Sufism is also based on this system. 'Murakabah' on the other hand is the person's ability to delve into the depths of his own essence based on his capacity.

I try to keep up with the newest information in almost every field so that I may decode the data brought by the Rasul (saw) and understand the Sunnatullah better, and also so that I may know 'Allah' and thus be protected from the limited conception of a god in space!

It is not possible to discern the Absolute Essence of the One referenced as Allah, the One who is far and free from the concept of godhood. He can only be observed to the extent He discloses Himself...

And this is only possible with knowledge!

The product of "Knowledge - will-power" is the "universe of data". Your existence and knowledge in this universe is as much as you get to know and realize your 'self'.

There is a lot more to write on the brain but let us suffice with this much for now...



Ahmed Hulusi

 22 December 2006

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