82. Al-Infitar

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. And when the sky is split apart,

2. And the planets are scattered away,

3. And the seas boil and erupt,

4. And the spirits are removed from their worlds (realize the universal reality);

5. Every soul shall know what it has prepared (aforetime) and what it has failed to do (neglected, left for later).

6. O man! How did you dare to (be ungrateful to your essential reality) your Rabb, the Generous One?

7. Who created you (manifested you), formed you (with a brain, an individual consciousness and a spirit) and balanced you (the work process of your brain, consciousness and spirit)!

8. Whatever form (manifestation of Names) He willed for you, He configured your composition accordingly.

9. But no (it is not like what you think)! Rather, you are in denial of your religion (the system by which you live)!

10. Indeed, there are over you recorders (who record all of your thoughts from your brain to your spirit),

11. Magnificent noble scribes (forces)!

12. They know whatever you do.

13. Indeed, the righteous will be in Paradises of pleasure.

14. While the falsifiers (who strayed from the Truth) will be in Hell (Fire).

15. They will be subjected to it at the time when the commands of religion are applied!

16. They are in a state of constant observation of Hell!

17. Do you know what the Day of Religion is?

18. So then, do you know what the Day of Religion is?

19. A time when no one can do anything for another! The judgment at that time belongs to Allah (there is nothing the person can do other than live the consequences of his deeds)!

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