The Delusion of Reincarnation

While explaining the non-Islamic methods the jinn use to possess people, we had briefly mentioned the concept of reincarnation. Let us now explore this subject in a little more depth:

Those who put forth the view of reincarnation claim the following:

Spirits have been created in pre-eternity then put into a physical body and sent down to earth to evolve…

However, not all spirits are equal in power, strength, comprehension, and the ability to evaluate. That is, they have been created unfairly, or they have come into existence on their own. 

Hence a life of 50-60-70 years on Earth is not enough for its development… So, after death, Spirits (!) live in a certain place within the universe for a particular time… Then they come back to Earth with another body and personality to continue from where they had left off…

When it completes its life it dies again, and goes to the “waiting place” again… and then it comes back to Earth and continues its development!

This goes on until it completes its evolutionary process and reaches its highest capacity!

Once it becomes a perfect enlightened spirit it no longer comes back to Earth. However, this time it continues to evolve in other worlds…

And this goes on ad infinitum…

For thousands of years, many people, particularly those in India and the surrounding regions, have believed in reincarnation (tanasukh).

Tanasukh is commonly accepted by people whose level of knowledge is limited and below average due to their brain structure and primitive thinking. What I mean by this is their capacity in this particular field is below the average. Being insufficient in one field does not mean one is insufficient in all fields. Those who have read about the structure of the brain in the section on the body, in the chapter on humans, will surely understand what I mean. 

It is easy to discern that ninety nine percent of all those who believe in reincarnation are in contact with the spirits (!) or more openly, with the jinn, and they get this idea from them.  

As I have previously mentioned, the jinn initially present themselves as the spirit of so and so and they display certain extraordinary activities to fool people and take under their control.

However, in the following stages things start to change and their real motive becomes obvious. 

The real reason behind why the jinn make contact with humans is to lead them astray, diverting them towards wrong beliefs and making them lose their faith. 

Because of this, they lead people into wrong beliefs, particularly on two main topics:

Spiritualism is the name given to all systems of belief that accept the existence of dimensions beyond the material realm, while Spiritism is the name given to a school of thought whose members deal with calling and communicating with the spirits(!). 

So, after the initial stage is over, those who are in contact with the jinn, or the “spirits” fall into two incorrect beliefs:

1. Reincarnation, in other words tanasukh.

2. Accepting the pantheist point of view as ‘Uluhiyyah’

I shall try to explain the first one in this section.

First of all, let us examine the quotations extracted from the Quran by those who promote the idea of ‘Reincarnation’ among the Muslim communities: 

These who defend the idea of being ‘reborn’ into another body have been fooled by the jinn and in order to prove their arguments more effectively, they use the verses below: 

How can you deny that the Names of Allah comprise your essence (in accord with the meaning of the letter B when you were lifeless (unaware of your essential reality) and He brought you to life again He will cause you to die (from the state of thinking you are only the body), and again He will bring you to life (purify you from confining your existence to your body and enable you to live in a state of consciousness) ... eventually you will see your reality.[1]


O mankind, how can you try to cover the reality of  “ALLAH” when you were DEAD, unconscious of your essence and unable to control your body,  and HE BROUGHT YOU TO LIFEwith the knowledge He disclosed to you and allowed you to administer your body… HE WILL MAKE YOU DIE AGAIN that is, cut your ties to your body and separate your consciousness from your biological body, THEN AGAIN HE WILL BRING YOU TO LIFE, when your biological body becomes useless your consciousness will transform into a wave body and move on to another level of life until Doomsday, AND EVENTUALLY YOU WILL SEE YOUR REALITY; there is no coming back, you will ascend to higher dimensions and unite with Allah in your essence. 

As can be seen, the verse above does not in any way imply countless returns to Earth or returning to the world again and again until one is purified and enlightened. If that were really the case, then this would have been stated in this verse or other verses in the Quran. 

“You turn the night into day and turn the day into night. You bring the living out of the dead and the dead out of the living. You give provision (life sustenance) to whom You will without account.”[2]


YOU TURN THE NIGHT INTO DAY AND TURN THE DAY INTO NIGHT means, nothing is left in a particular state, everything is substituted with its opposite. 

YOU BRING THE LIVING OUT OF THE DEAD, you place those who are not limited by matter under the constraints of the physical world and body AND THE DEAD OUT OF THE LIVING, you make those DIE who appear to be alive in their bodies made of flesh and bones, i.e. you release them from the limitations of matter. You give countless sustenance to those you wish. 

As can be seen from this verse too, there is no direct or indirect implication about coming back to Earth again and again for the purpose of evolution!

However, it is most unfortunate that people who have been fooled by the jinn change the meanings of these verses according to their way of thinking in attempt to prove their claims.

In fact, when you get to know these people a little closer in almost every case it is seen that they do not possess the slightest knowledge on neither Islam nor the Quran.

And Allah causes you to grow from the earth gradually like a plant (the body that comes from the earth continues its life as consciousness).

“Then He will return you into it and again extract you from it.”

“And Allah has made for you the earth an exhibition (living environment).”

“So that you may traverse therein, on spacious ways.”[3]


ALLAH CAUSED YOU TO GROW FROM THE EARTH LIKE A PLANT, means Allah created Adam, your ancestor and the first human on earth from the element ‘earth’, that is, Allah created the human body from a compound consisting of minerals and water. 

THEN HE WILL RETURN YOU INTO IT; means Allah will cut your ties to your body and free you from the limitation of matter allowing the physical body to decompose back into the earth … Meanwhile will continue your life as a conscious being in the Intermediary Realm (barzakh).

 THEN ALLAH WILL AGAIN EXTRACT YOU FROM IT: That is, when the day of reconning (the day when people will have to face with the final results of what they’ve done) comes, ALLAH will raise you again. However, this time, Allah will raise you in a different manner, not like the gradual growth of your physical body on earth but in the state that you were put into the grave, and from this He will form a NEW body for you, suitable to that particular environment. 

ALLAH HAS MADE FOR YOU THE EARTH AN EXHIBITION: ALLAH created the planet Earth in a way that will enable you to live on it with your physical body. 

SO THAT YOU MAY TRAVERSE THEREIN, ON SPACIOUS WAYS meaning that you may go around and travel wherever you like in the world and live at any place you wish.

Let’s examine the deeper meaning of two words in this verse:

In Sufism the word earth refers to the intellect. When the above two verses are read in this respect, the meaning becomes, “Allah has made for you the intellect an exhibition, that is a vast area, so that you may traverse therein, through the many neural networks and ways of thoughts…

That is to say, human beings have been given a structure enabling them to travel between various thoughts and in addition to that; they have been given the Quran, which shows them the Sirat al-Mustaqim (The Correct Path) upon which Allah wants them to walk. 

I don’t know if I have been able to demonstrate the vein primitiveness of those who are possessed by the jinn trying to prove the validity of reincarnation by using religion.  

I think I have put forward enough information to show the insufficiency of those who lack knowledge of Islam and the Quran…

Yet they continue to make claims like “The Quran does not contain a single verse rejecting the idea of reincarnation” while building their ideas on false foundations. 

I can disprove their claims simply by sharing one verse even though there are several more verses on this subject. 

Here is the translation of one of the verses in the Quran rejecting the idea of reincarnation, namely tanasukh


  1. And say, “My Rabb (the protective Names within my essence), I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the satans (that call to corporeality).”
  2. “And I seek refuge in You (your protective Names within my essence), my Rabb, lest they be around me.”
  3. When death comes to one of them, he says, “My Rabb, send me back (to the worldly life).”
  4. “So that I might do righteousness in that which I left behind (i.e. a faithful life that I did not heed or give importance to; the potential that I did not utilize and activate).” NO! (It is impossible to go back!) His words are invalid! (His request is unrecognized in the system) and behind them is a barrier (an isthmus; a difference of dimension) until the Day they are resurrected (they cannot go back; reincarnation, being re-born for another worldly life, is not possible!).[4]

Now let us examine the meaning of these verses:

In order to teach the Muslims how to protect themselves from the jinn with satanic qualities, Allah tells them to say the following:


 “My Rabb, I seek refuge in You from the incitements, false assumptions and conjectures of the evils and the jinn with satanic attributes, that will lead me away from faith…”

AND I TAKE REFUGE IN YOU O MY RABB FROM THEM BEING AROUND ME, in my presence and vicinity, and their attempts to make contact with me…

For they will suggest wrong ideas to me and I will mistakenly think I may come back to this world…


And if I die with this belief, I will say MY RABB, SEND ME BACK TO THE WORLD SO THAT I MAY I PERFORM RIGHT DEEDS TO COMPENSATE FOR THE LIFE THAT I HAVE LOST and die as one who knows the reality…

BUT NO, THESE WORDS regarding reincarnation ARE INVALID AND MEANINGLESS, they have no validity in the system of Allah.

BEHIND THEM IS A BARRIER (Barzakh) preventing them from rising until the day of resurrection when ALL of the humans will be resurrected… That is, their connection to their physical bodies has been cut off, their ties to the Earth has ended, they have moved on to another dimension… This is referred to as the Realm of the Grave in Islamic literature. 

So, this is the interpretation of one of the verses, demonstrating the invalidity of reincarnation. 

Now, let us come have a look at another method they employ to prove reincarnation. 

However, allow me to state once again that the main reason why these subjects could not be explained more openly in the past is because those who were influenced by the jinn were scared of being ridiculed and hence refrained from talking about their situation.

On the other hand, you will see that as we refute their alleged evidences, when the existence of the jinn is declared and accepted, the inside story behind the mystery of these complex events will become very clear. 

If after all of this, one still insists on making such claims, then this can simply be regarded as a clear indication that they do not want to take back what they have said. 

Apart from religious methods, other evidences that are put forth by those who believe in reincarnation are in the following areas:

a. Dreams... 

b. Déjà vu experiences... 

c. Amnesia (Loss of memory) 

d. Direct remembrance of past lives.      

Let us now explore each of these to show how they cannot prove the validity of reincarnation.

[1] Quran 2:28

[2] Quran 3:27

[3] Quran 71:17-20

[4] Quran 23:97-100

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