What is the Human Spirit?

With the cosmic effects received by the fetus on the 120th day after conception the activity explained as “the blowing of the spirit by the angel” i.e. wave production commences.

This substance which comprises the core of the brain receives its first cosmic programming, allowing the evaluation of its genetic database to take place, hence the direction of its programming is determined.

This is the instance at which “individual spirit” or “the human spirit” is formed, or created! Before this point the personalized, human spirit does not exist!

It is precisely because of this that abortion after the 120th day is considered to be murder!

For, the core of the brain begins to produce the ‘wave body’ that is, the ‘human spirit’ on the 120th day after conception takes place, hence if the fetus is aborted after this, the spirit that has been created will continue its life indefinitely…

The primary characteristics of the person is determined by the genetic code it inherits…

The genetic code is like the seed, and the astrological code is like the factors that allow this seed to grow and develop, like soil, water, sunlight etc. 

The brain continuously uploads and backs up all its data to a holographic wave body we call the spirit. 

This holographic body is not much different to television waves… Just as television waves are basically carrier waves that carry sound waves and visual waves, the human spirit also carries all the data that is produced by brain activity…

The event called death, when brain function and the magnetic field of the body shuts down, the person continues to live through his holographic wave body…

This is the situation referred to as “resurrection after death”!

However, one will not find anything in that body other than what he thought, felt, feared, loved during his life on earth!

In other words, the identity one forms within his physical biological body on Earth is the one he will continue with after death…

The Rasul of Allah (saw) points to this with his words:

“However, you live and in which ever state you die, that is how you will be resurrected after death and on Doomsday”

Resurrection after death takes place immediately after the experience of the death of the physical body…

In respect of the consciousness life continues without interference, only a transition is made from the biological body into the spirit-wave body…

Because of this I frequently stress the point that after one “tastes i.e. experiences death” they will feel as though they are being buried alive with their spirit body! They will be fully conscious at this point!

And until doomsday they will continue to live in the realm of the grave!

The expressions “resurrection after death” in “Amantu” clearly validates that resurrection takes place immediately after death, not on Doomsday!

To better understand the meaning of Allah’s name al-Baith which is the force that drives resurrection you can see Imam Ghazali’s commentary on the Names of Allah…

As we established, “the human spirit”; as of the 120th day, is constantly formed and updated with all the mental products of the brain that take place during the person’s entire life, and after this the spirit disconnects from the biological body and continues its life with this accumulated energy and data indefinitely…

As of Doomsday, the spirits that live in the Intermediary Realm which is the radial, wave-based twin of the earth, either become stuck within the radial-twin of the Sun (hell) due to inadequate energy, or escape this magnetic pull and move on to the radial counterparts of the other stars within the galaxy (heaven).

But let us be mindful of the Quranic expression that a single day of the afterlife is equivalent to a thousand earth years… The Rasul of Allah (saw) says the passing over the Bridge of Sirat will take 3000 years alone…

If a single day of the afterlife is 1000 earth years, then you do the math to discern how long 3000 years of the afterlife is!

Hence it is imperative to take a broader perspective on things…

What we associate to the spirit are things that pertain to the brain. This is why the spirit cannot be sick. It is fallacious to think of sickness of the soul. There is only sickness and dysfunctionality of the brain.

Since every brain produces its own spirit with its own waves, when that brain is no longer functional, that spirit cannot move to another brain, this is inconceivable.

Hence reincarnation, the belief that the spirit comes back to the world with a new body is a complete delusion! It is nothing other than the trickery of the jinn…

You may recite the Quran and send prayers to the soul of a deceased person… If that person has received the relevant data during his life on earth, he will be able to receive and evaluate it. Otherwise, the energy carried in the message you send will only give a very temporary relief.

A frequently asked question is, since the realm of the grave lasts billions of years and the person will be conscious and alive in the spirit form, there won’t be any suffering, so then what is the torment of the grave?

The person in the grave is as alive and as conscious as he is in this world… He can see both himself and his surroundings. When various bugs, insects, mice, snake etc. under the soil start to eat his face and cheeks, he is going to experience it as real as he would if he were alive on earth. For, throughout his whole life he identified with his body and believed that he is his body, and this belief has automatically been uploaded and saved in his spirit, or consciousness… so he will inevitably experience things with this consciousness and hence feel immense pain and torture!

Take your sleep for example, if you’ve had a frighting experience during the day and spent your day fearing something, you will most probably see that thing in your dream and continue to feel the same fear even though nothing is happening to your physical body.


There are three stages to the life of the grave:

  1. Life inside the grave
  2. Life inside the “Realm of the Grave”
  3. Life inside the “Intermediary Realm”

You can find detailed information on the 2nd and 3rd stages in Muhammad’s Allah.

As for the first, life inside the grave, if certain precautions are not taken then it will become an utter nightmare, one from which you cannot wake up! This is known, in religious terms, as “the suffering of the grave”.

Just as your day and level of consciousness reflect to your dreams and you can’t do anything to change those dreams, the life of the grave is similarly automated, it is the automatic output of your level of consciousness while you are in this world and can no longer be changed.  

It is possible to protect yourself from this endless state of pain and suffering by taking certain precautions and making preparations while you are still here, which is the whole point of religion.

In other words, the purpose of religion is not to deify an imaginary god but to duly prepare for an infinite life awaiting after death, to know one’s essential reality and to try to understand the reality of Allah![1]

Spiritual strength is nothing other than the strength of the brain waves, i.e. the frequency your brain outputs, because the waves your brain produces are what forms your spirit.

As for the enlightened ones…

An enlightened saint engages in heavy dhikr and abstinence practices, as a result of this he gains enormous brain capacity and emanates powerful frequencies… 

When you find someone like this, they can direct those waves to your brain, whereby a dormant capacity becomes activated in your brain and you will suddenly and easily realize and discern things you weren’t able to prior to this experience… Their words will have an impact on you due to the force it carries, and hence this person will stimulate great development in you… and based on this many will say “I went to such and such enlightened person and through him I gained insight and wisdom.”

There are two types of brain waves: 

1. General waves 

2. Directed waves

All brains pre-dominantly output general waves…

Prayer, on the other hand, generates ‘directed waves’[2]

For example, a group of people come together and pray for rain, in other words they are all consciously focusing on the same purpose at the same time and collectively producing strong waves that form a magnetic field in that area pulling the clouds together for rain…

It is the same thing when a group of people come together and consciously and collectively pray together directing their brain waves towards a specific outcome… 

Pilgrimage is a much stronger form of this![3]

If many people, even if they are at different places, tune in at the same time with the same intention and concentrate and pray for a specific outcome, it will most probably happen. This is ‘spiritual’ support!

Sometimes this type of practice may also be directed to other frequencies, such as the jinn, but I do not wish to talk about this here.

THE MEN OF THE UNKNOWN (al-rijal al-ghayb), people of extreme spiritual strength, generally spread various knowledge on earth via these waves…

This is why certain knowledge was acquired and applied at the same time in different locations in the world by people who had no contact with one another… Ibn Arabi metaphorically discusses this in his “al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah” for those who are interested.

The word spirit expresses two significant qualities to us:


1. Spirit is the quintessential energy that comprises the essence of matter, what science calls photons today; it is the universal quantum field!

Hence every iota of existence is composed of the SPIRIT…

There is nothing in the universe that does not derive its existence from the SPIRIT.

Every radial particle or wave exists and moves with the energy it gets from the SPIRIT.

Therefore, the universe has come about with the SPIRIT, it continues to exist with the SPIRIT, and until the Doomsday it will continue to derive its life from the SPIRIT.

In religious terms, the universe was created with the SPIRIT and hence it can never become totally non-existent.


2. The essence or SPIRIT that comprises every quanta is also the source of consciousness within every unit of existence. Hence, everything in the universe is conscious, albeit consciousness itself is indivisible.

Therefore, every activity that transpires in the universe, far from coincidental, is conscious and deliberate, despite how disorderly it may seem at times.

Even the animals, plants, and the cells that we may think are not ‘conscious’ have individual consciousness and act in a specified order. However, they are not aware of this themselves, and as long as we remain confined to our sensory perception, we cannot become aware of it either.

Here is a verse from the Quran to validate this:

“There is nothing that does not exalt (tasbih) Him with hamd (evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills)! But you do not perceive their functions!”[4] 

Indeed, it is impossible for one who limited by his five senses to discern the reality of the quants, its relation to consciousness, and the order in which they operate. It may only be ‘known’, but not duly understood!

Here is a verse from the Quran regarding the spirit:

“And they (the Jews) ask you, (O Muhammad) about the spirit. Say, “The spirit is from the command (amr; the manifestation of the Names) of my Rabb. And you have been given little of this knowledge (this answer is for the Jews who asked this question).”[5]

A renowned scholar of recent centuries, Ismail Haqqi Bursawi, construes this verse in one of his works. Bursawi notes that the word “qalil” comes from the root word “iqlal” which means “to reduce/remove something” hence the verse means, “regarding the spirit, everyone will have knowledge according to their capacity” … 

When the miniscule radial particles we call the photons come together in a specific sequence and amount they form the essence of humans and jinn, and when this composition densifies to a certain degree it forms their different levels and types. However, some partially conscious photons form the type of consciousness we see most commonly in humans. 

Among all the countless creations in the universe, humans and jinn have the level of consciousness and hence ‘spirit’ that can be evaluated by humans. 

What differentiates humans from others is the capacity and strength of consciousness and the density of their composition, which makes them bound to the laws of ‘matter’. 

The following information is from the reputable interpretation of the Quran (Hak Dini Kur’an Dili) by the distinguished scholar Elmalili Hamdi Yazir. Note that it is completely aligned with my explanations:

Regarding the spirit, there are three main definitions;

- The initiator of an action

- The power of life

- The inception of understanding

The spirit, as an initiator of an action, is the power that forms matter. What gives direction and form to matter, is therefore the spirit.  For example, electricity, based on this definition, as well as everything that gives form and direction to matter, is spirit.

The spirit, defined as the power of life, is different to this.  It is broader in its scope to the spirit defined as the initiator of an action; it is the source of all life throughout existence. It manifests itself even through vegetation and all animal and human life.   The spirit carries a greater scope as it manifests itself through humans. 

The spirit, in its final definition encompasses traits such as causality, contemplation, knowledge, will power, and the ability to explain, that pertain to humanity. For this reason, it has been called the human spirit, also commonly referred to as consciousness.  

What differentiates the human spirit from the animal spirit is its capacity to observe its essential reality.  For this reason, the Quran states ‘and breathed into Him from my spirit’. We recognize this spirit through our conscience, will power, and desire to observe and know our essence.  Had the spirit had not been of a greater potential than what manifests through human awareness, we would not have had the capacity to discern the reality of matter and existence no matter the depth of our knowledge.  This spirit, as the source of understanding, is the source of man’s corporeality, but it is also man’s creations program, his capacity or incapacity to observe the reality of existence and beyond. (Hak Dini, Vol: 4; Page: 3198-3199)

[1] More information on this can be found in The Power of Prayer.

[2] Detailed information on this can be found in The Power of Prayer.

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