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The Mysteries of the Brain

Now, when I wrote my book “The Truth of Life” about 25 years ago, to expound the truth and reality of life, I had tackled the topic with the questions:

“There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. Was it you who chose to specifically exist in the one we call the Milky Way? And in this one particular galaxy composed of 400 billion stars and their systems, was it you who specifically wanted to exist in this particular solar system?

And in this solar system, was it you who chose planet earth amongst numerous other planets?

And on planet earth, was it your choice to come to life in this particular region, in Istanbul, a city adjoining the continents Asia and Europe?

Was it you who chose the family you were born into in Istanbul?

Did you choose your parents?”

This is how I had initiated the discussion back then...

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02:06 In our mother’s womb, our father’s sperm unites with our mother’s egg and forms a single cell. This single cell contains a genetic code that is comprised of approximately 3 billion letters, an accumulation of genetic information which defines the position of your liver, your kidney, your heart, the neurons in your heart, the neurons in your intestines known as your “second brain”, how your brain will be formed…

05:48 Starting on the 29th day after conception, as all the organs are formed in the brain, the weight of the information that accumulates in the brain’s database makes the brain conceive itself as this physical formation, i.e. the body.

08:44 The brain starts taking in everything it hears from outside. In fact, this begins all the way back in the womb, the baby brain receives the information coming from outside, and stores it in its database.

11:46 The point is, if we are capable of receiving external data, if we can receive data shaped by the culture, traditions, and conditionings of our environment, then surely we must also be able to receive other forms of data based on research and study of other fields of knowledge.

14:45 During the formation of the brain, the spirit also forms within the brain. When the biological aspect of the brain stops functioning the energy aspect of the brain remains. This energy aspect is what we call the spirit...

20:04 If we can grasp this, we will understand that we are like data living in the brain’s world, and that data is called “human.”

23:10 The most important factor here is the monitoring of the incoming data by the frontal cortex. While the frontal cortex monitors functions such as the intellect, reason and logic to construct man’s awareness, there is also another region of the brain known as the epiphysis or the pineal gland.

27:40 Such reincarnation fairy tales have now become completely obsolete… Reincarnation is an old story, there is no such thing.

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