Higher Matter

Until now, I’ve attempted to explain our inadequate evaluation of the actual structure of the universe, due to the limited nature of our sensory perception. This topic has also has been thoroughly covered in my books “Universal Mysteries”, “Spirit Man Jinn”, “Muhammad’s Allah” and “What Did Muhammad Read?”

Time and time again, we’ve explored the sequence of ‘sub-matter’, breaking matter down to the level of the cells, atoms and subatomic particles, until finally reaching the level of pure energy.

However, we never really directed our attention to ‘higher matter’, that is, the opposite extreme of the sequence; going from matter, up to a ‘higher state’ of matter.

When I say ‘higher matter’, I don’t mean another form of matter that is somehow higher than our current one. As stated before, matter as we know it, is only an assumed reality, based on the interpretation of our senses. This being the case, there is also a higher dimension of this projection!

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03:05 The human body is composed of trillions of cells, which we can view with the aid of specialized microscopes. In reality, we’re far from having completely deciphered all of the functionalities of the cells in our body. What exactly are all these cells doing? What kind of relations do they have with one another? How do they live, and how do they die? How are new cells generated?

05:41 Now, when we view a body from outside, we say ‘a human body’ and see it as one ‘whole’ structure. We don’t see all the different cells composing the body. We don’t evaluate the countless chemical activities that are constantly taking place from the view of our organs, or more accurately, the cells that constitute them.

08:14 When earth is viewed from space, neither plants, nor animals nor any humans can be seen. Earth appears merely to be a separate ‘mass’ of matter.

09:42 Just as humanity has consciousness, so does the earth. The structure that we refer to as the ‘earth’ also possesses consciousness that is specific to it.

11:22 So, if the similitude of the sun, in respect to the galaxy, is like a single cell in respect to our whole body, then to even try and comprehend the place of the earth, let alone an individual living on earth, is almost impossible!

15:21 It is this reality of ‘oneness’ that invalidates the ‘empty space’ between the stars. From the realm of the atoms to the galactic dimensions, the ‘unity’ of our existence abolishes all concepts of division and emptiness.

18:03 One form of the beings, referenced by the word ‘angels’ in religious terminology, is this ‘Spirit’ within the galactic dimensions; i.e., a galactic consciousness…

23:26 A cell in a human body is like the Solar system in the Galaxy! Is everyone completely oblivious to this reality? No! This is the pivotal point!

25:06 All of their ‘essence’, in terms of the Absolute Essence (dhat)and according to ‘holographic reality’, is composed of the same ‘substance’.

27:20 Thus, the essence of your consciousness, the ‘Essence’ of your being, is no different to the essence of an atom or a galactic entity in the micro or macro cosmos.

30:38 The biggest veil, that conceals our consciousness, is the ‘veil of words’. Words, or labels, and the images we’ve linked to them in our minds, blind us from attaining a tre understanding of the reality.

32:02 The inhabitants of the macro dimensions are very grand and varied, though we have collectively labeled them all as ‘angels’. In actuality, they are all beings of the planes of higher consciousness.

37:14 When we are dreaming, all sorts of things happen to our bodies. We get shot, hit, perhaps even deformed, but we always wake up to find our bodies completely unblemished and intact. Moreover, our sense of ‘I’ or ‘ego’ never ceases to exist.

38:41 We are not just the macro of the microcosm, but also the micro of the macrocosm. Muhammad (saw) says: “There are some angels, who have attained the State of Certainty (Yaqeen) who are not even aware of the existence of either this world or humans.”

43:53 We seem to occupy an intermediary position in the universe, right between the micro and macro worlds. Mankind is the transition point between the states of energy that comprise un-manifested matter and the ‘supra’ states of matter.

47:16 So let’s stop wasting our time and energy on things from which we are inevitably going to part. Let’s start living with the awareness that our possessions, our loved ones, and all of our worldly accumulations are going to stay behind, when we continue our journey on to the next dimension.

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