I only think it’s me who ‘wants,’ but all of the wanting is emerging only from the Eternal One.

For, “When He wills a thing, He only says to it ‘Be’ and it is.”

Is it the One in space who’s willing? Or the Ghani and Baqi One comprising the essence of all perceivable and unperceivable things?

You make a judgment, your brain executes it, you speak about it and manifest it, and then when you’re subject to its consequences you question, “But this isn’t what I wanted!?”

My dear friends…

If we want to be of the enlightened ones, let us always be fully conscious of what we speak and recognize who the real speaker is…

If you want to know what He thinks of you, don’t ask others, ask yourself, look at your thoughts, what you see in yourself is what He thinks of you!

If you feel you love, then know you are also loved in the sight of Allah.

If you don’t feel love but the need to flee, then this is also from Him…

If you’re determined to succeed, then He wills you to succeed… If you feel bored and want to move on to something else, then He wills for you to move on to something else…

I don’t know if I’m able to express what I’m really trying to say, but if you’ve understood what I’m pointing to your outlook to many things will change dramatically and your evaluations will bring you much tranquility.

You will begin to see the One who is willing behind the one who is speaking and your suffering will end.

There is no change in the system and there never will be. Everyone will live the consequences of their thoughts and actions.

Thus it has been said, “Sufficient you are as Hasib (holder to account of one’s behavioral output)” – a mechanism that won’t be in effect sometime in the future, but one that is fully functional at every instance, just like all the other names.

So, let us think good thoughts and remember: whatever we think for others the same will happen to us. Let us never forget this!

The system is fully functional at every instance, ad infinitum!

Allah, is the Ever-living One (Baqi)!



Wayne – NJ, USA

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