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The Quantum Dimension and The Genes

He recorded the Quran in the organic memory of his mind, and he re-played it over and over again. Thus, they called him a hafiz.

Though he re-played it endlessly, he never actually READ it. Let alone the entire text, he hadn’t even read any of its verses. Perhaps he didn’t know it was meant to be read, perhaps he didn’t know how…

We live in an interregnum in which memorizers and conveyors are considered scholars, and those who narrate fairy tales and stories are considered saints!

I try to elucidate a topic and I’m faced with the ludicrous cliché defense, “But there is such and such verse in the Quran and such and such hadith that claims such and such!”

These expressions are desperate attempts made by memorizer brains, devoid of the ability to contemplate, in the name of defending their memorized and conditioned data! I doubt they ever gave those verses a serious thought to really grasp their meaning and understand their purpose of revelation. Such examples are like sheep waiting to be shepherded. They ask, “Okay okay, just tell me, what shall I do now?”

Go and graze on grass for god’s sake, I don’t know!

If you had the capacity to read the Quran, you would know what to do!

Then they ask, “When can we see you?”


If you can’t read my writings, how can you see ‘me’?

What benefit is there in seeing my appearance if you can’t use your brain and contemplate?

I say, “What you’re seeking is within you.”

They say, “How about we see you?”

I’m within you!

I am you!

How much longer are you going to search outside?


This word describes those who don’t know the value of what they’ve been given.

The biggest punishment for an ungrateful one is the end of blessings. And the only cause of this is the person himself. The ungrateful one causes harm to himself.

The ungrateful ones who don’t evaluate knowledge punish themselves by allowing themselves to be deprived of knowledge forever.

The Quran is the biggest blessing to us, from the Rasul of Allah (saw). Repeating the Quran without thinking about its meaning, and without entering and exploring the vast universe contained within it, is ungratefulness. The Quran is the sublime book that has been disclosed to man, the vicegerent, to expound the universal secrets.

But alas… You still think you’re a sack of flesh and bones, and squander your life with topics related to this puny sack! But such is life; those who wish are free to turn their eternal lives into hell should they choose to!

Man is beyond the boundaries of time and space!

The life of the flesh-bone human is like a mere flash in the galactic dimension of time, but how about after that? Where and how will it be?

What does the Quran say about this?

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