Paradise - Heaven

Who wants to end up in paradise? Who doesn’t?

Some say they prefer hell because it’s filled with models and dancers and pop stars(!) And some, more selfless, claim “I don’t want heaven, I want YOU,” though nobody really knows who or what they’re actually referring to by ‘YOU’…

So, what is the life of paradise like then? Who will be there? How will they get there? Where is it? etc. etc. So many questions… But beware, if you dig too much, they’ll either call you an unbeliever or a denier! Don’t use your brain, don’t think, don’t question, don’t even wonder…! You’ve been forbidden to question!

But what can I say, my curiosity got the better of me… So, I did my research… And after synthesizing the results with modern scientific findings, I deduced an understanding. Needless to say, this is my personal construal; you are free not to take it seriously if it doesn’t make sense to you.

Now, just as paradise means something in terms of worldly life, it also means something in terms of the life of the grave. Of course, there is also a paradise in the absolute sense. So, when someone uses the word paradise in reference to only one of these meanings it leads to misunderstanding.

When we say paradise in the worldly sense we generally think of an environment or state of supreme pleasure. Paradise in terms of the grave, however, is quite different… After all, matter-based perception ends in the grave and the person transits to the life of the grave. If their destination is paradise, they will begin to live in a state referred to as the paradise of the grave.

The person begins to perceive heaven and hell after they are fully in the realm of the grave, with a spiritual perception. The five senses no longer exist here. Instead, the person uses his spirit perception, as much as he was able to develop it during the worldly life, to convert incoming waves of information. Let’s call this the spirit-brain for now… In the realm of the grave, the person perceives the life of hell and the life of heaven, alongside other spiritual beings and angels, feeling fear and longing at the same time.

Just like in our dreams, our emotions and thoughts are symbolized by certain images. Similarly, in the life of the grave, the person observes and experiences the automatic results of his life in the world, either as pleasure or as nightmare…

At this point, all connection to earthly life has ceased. The person can now only perceive certain energies and prayers that are directed to him or certain Quranic messages, as much as he can understand… But none of this engages him for too long. It’s like a one way receiver. The waves that are formed in the spirit brain are at such high frequencies compared to our current brains that it is impossible for us to perceive and decode them. The human brain can at most perceive frequencies from the jinn, and even that is subject to certain conditions and terms.

Emotions that are felt during the dream state are experienced at much higher intensities in the life of the grave.

This is true until Doomsday, or until the sun engulfs the earth. When the sun begins to engulf the earth all human spirits will find themselves in a state of hell, the dimension of the sun-waves… This is generally stated as ‘people arising from their graves’ in religious literature.

The energy (Nur) one has accumulated by applying the recommended practices (prayers, mantras, etc.) during his worldly life will allow him to escape from this state of hell to heaven, depending on the strength and level of Nur they’ve acquired…

What I mean by escaping from hell is they will leave their spirit body in hell and move on to another new dimension with their Nur bodies.

Just like we leave our physical bodies in the world and move on to the grave with our spirit bodies, we will also leave our spirit bodies, if we are to go to heaven, and wear our Nur bodies.

Essentially, every form and creation has a spirit and Nur state. Even the sun has a spirit and a Nur state. Because we only perceive the physical state of the sun, we can’t see the beings pertaining to the spirit and Nur state of the sun.

Those who can see with the eye of the spirit can perceive the Nur dimension, though this dimension has no particular structure as it is pure consciousness, and consciousness experiences what it wills instantaneously here, as though it is physical, like in a dream.

The power of the person in heaven is equivalent to how much he can use his ability to actualize his dreams and his potentials. This is true for the world too.

The shape and form of the body in the spirit realm is usually based on the state just before the person dies. Nur beings are free of form and shape; they can take the shape of whatever they like. All Nur beings in heaven are conscious beings, and the form they take depends on the database of the person by whom they wish to be perceived. This is also why the angels of account in the grave appear differently to everyone.

The names of Allah will manifest in heaven, to the extent of the person’s knowledge, and the person will be able to use the strength and power of Allah to create whatever they want whenever they want.



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