Our house in New Jersey is not particularly large. It has two bedrooms upstairs. My office; one PC, two sofas and a library…

As I find the opportunity, I go downstairs to the lounge, which is as big as our bedroom in Turkey. Divided into two sections, one part is the dining area and the other part has a couple of sofas and my 53” TV.

Watching TV helps me rest my mind. As I work on my American accent, I observe their world of imagination…

There are mainly either soap operas full of emotional drama, or ultra-high-tech action movies. Sometimes I feel confused as I see the technology used in the movies and I think to myself, “How is it that these guys have such technology yet they can’t cope with a single man like Saddam or Milosevic”

That’s when one realizes that nothing is as it seems and a lot is going on in the background, and what is shown is very different to what is not shown!

That’s when one realizes that anarchy, terrorism and war are intentionally and consciously not prevented, because certain people have vested interests, even though they have the power and means to stop these; they choose not to because of their personal gains! The arms industry is an important financial power, like the oil and gas industries! It’s a world of those who sell and those who are bought out!

A world of elephants and mosquitos!

And then we write and condemn and protest… “Damn…!”

Sometimes I get carried away when I’m watching a movie, I start reacting, “What!? As if you would do that! You should have done this instead… What an idiot!” My wife, Cemile Kamer, looks at me and laughs, “This is how the scenario goes darling, if he doesn’t do that how are the other events going to transpire? The poor man is only playing out his role, remember? Why are you getting mad at him? It’s not his fault. Anyway, if he does what you think he should do then the movie can’t progress this way. So, if you really want to be mad at someone, be mad at the screenwriter. Besides, aren’t we all also playing the roles that have been written for us?”

When I’m warned like this from her highness I shut my mouth and sit back… I can’t help but agree with her… For that moment!

The actor can’t change the scenario!

Before heading back to my PC, I watch a little more NBC, FOX, CNN… I watch how many attacks have been launched against Bosnia, and listen how many more Bosnians have been slaughtered by the Serbs.

I hear about the number of deaths in Turkey and I feel sorry…

But this is “the reality of life!”

It’s not a movie… Apparently!

We’re born, we grow up. As we grow up, we adopt the values of our community, whether right or wrong, and become conditioned with them. We develop a character, with the added contribution of our genes of course, and thus begin the battle of life…

Sometimes we cheat, sometimes we’re cheated; sometimes we wrong, sometimes we’re wronged; sometimes we crush and rise, sometimes we break and rise, and sometimes, just to please our egos, we step on others and rise…

Some begin to think the world revolves around them, some think others will lose direction without their opinions!

Some of us battle for money, some for rank and recognition, and yet we all live for our country and for our people!

For the people we fill our pockets, for religion we fill our pockets, if not our pockets then our tags label rank and reputation!

What was the universal purpose of life?

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