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Sell Yourself To Allah

Animals, as known, make their living using brute-force. They prey and attack. If they have the power to capture their prey they do everything in their power to capture, and thus they maintain their living. The tears of their prey don’t mean anything for them. They have no pity. All they care about is capturing an animal that is weaker than them, whether openly or by way of a trap. They don’t care if their prey has a partner, children, family, etc. They don’t have such emotions. They are animals.

As for humans, they make their living in various ways… Some sell, some lease, some are sold and some are leased, some sell their property, some sell their body, and some their faith and soul…

Some are bought by Allah, and some by His servants… Don’t you remember the verse, “Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers, their souls and their properties…”

Some fulfill their servitude through faith, some fulfill their servitude through denial, but only those who’ve reached the state of unveiling can observe this.

Some are bought out by other creatures; they’re financed over longer periods. Once their price has been fully paid, they are completely owned.

Many make their living via rental income. Some lease out their house, some their car, and some their money. But the more serious cases involve those who rent out their brains, their speech, their organs and souls.

Life is hard my friends… It’s hard to live without becoming a servant to someone, without running into trouble…

Yet Allah is both the investor and the customer. Why some don’t choose Him as a customer I do not understand…

How you spend your rental income is important. To whom you’re sold or leased out is also very important. It directly affects your eternal life.

Life is all about business.

You can never own something if you don’t pay its worth.

So, if you want to know the price Allah is willing to give you, READ the book.

Time is ticking; the only organ that does not devaluate with time is a brain full of knowledge, gnosis and faith.

So, if you’re going to sell yourself, sell your self to Allah.

If you’re going to lease yourself out, let Allah lease you.

And never look down upon anyone!



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