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From Here And There

Words once spoken are like milk suckled from a mother’s breast – it can’t be put back!

A thought, once it arises, is like an arrow from a bow – it can’t be stopped… Until it makes its owner live the consequences.

The heart also has an owner!

An excuse is nothing but self-deception, it has no place in the system, other than empty solace.

When that day comes (is it in the future?) no one will be asked to give an excuse.

A wound on a knee will heal, but the wound caused by the tongue… Very difficult!

The system is all about the things we do and their consequences.

There is no compensation for betrayal!

The path to hell is filled with good intentions, my friend!

Intelligence will help you save the day, but it will also produce food for the ‘others’!

Whoever you’re with in your world now is whom you’ll be with in the next…

If your external is a veil to your internal and your essence then you will pass on to the next world in a state veiled from Allah.

The angels that hold to account are made of pure NUR, they have no form, but every person perceives them differently in the grave. Why?

Every mind has a different way of decoding things; when reason and intellect is put aside, the fruits of the crafty and cunning mind come into play, but be careful! These fruits may be poisonous!

Tyranny may enslave the intellect and logic, but only temporarily, not indefinitely.

Success resulting from treachery can never be lasting.

Death, for one who has nothing left to lose, is nothing other than a reward.

The want to dominate and rule over others is the reflection of the Inciting Self.

The people of spirituality have no business with politics; only those who are expelled from spirituality engage in such things.

The jungle is where brute force rules; the physically strong have the upper hand and the weak are overturned.

The place where force and compulsion isn’t used, where people don’t tyrannize each other is called the city.

One who is different on the inside and different on the outside will also have a different afterlife to their worldly life.

All things will change one day… Even kings and kingdoms lose their authority and power!

I exist not for the people but for Allah!

Your world is your business not mine.

You can’t know yourself until you forego your ‘self’!

When you know yourself you will know ‘me.’

The label in your head will never stick on me. Nobody found me where they went.

What you can’t find in your world you can never find in the world.

Everything is inverted in the world of the antichrist.

So long as the Mahdi doesn’t emerge from your essence you can’t find guidance in your world.

The door to repentance is open until the last breath, but you can never compensate for the past.

My friend, stop trying to find a beloved like yourself and make Allah your beloved.



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