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How Many Cookies Do You Have In Your Closet?

They ask me “How many cookies do you have in your closet?” … Come to think of it, quite a few!

How about you?

I’ve made so many cookie-deities out of my value judgments that I’ve lost count!

I don’t know how many times I created a judgment-cookie and deified it for some time before I got over it and ate it!

I wonder how many times my environmental conditioning and the brainwashing to which I was subject caused me to make cookie-idols and become a slave to them!

Perhaps we don’t even realize how we prostrate to the cookie-idols we create!

I had found it ridiculously funny when I had read about how Omar (ra) would make cookie idols before going on a trip, then he’d worship them and then when he got hungry he would eat them!

I spoke too soon!

I was astonished to see how much I was doing the same thing while thinking I was practicing the principles of Islam!

Everything from my sleep, to my fasting and prostration, from my thoughts to my discussions was filled with cookie-idols, and I wasn’t even aware!

We have so many cookie idols… Some we can’t even spare, and others we can’t give up and carry around, just for the sake of it!

If we can’t abandon these cookies during our lifetime, what’s going to happen when we crossover?

Will death do us apart?

Or will we be buried with them, like the pharaohs?

Know, my friend, talking about the truth won’t get you to the truth!

You’re going to be on your own in the afterlife, if you’re smart, pull yourself together and call yourself to account now!

Realize your cookie-idols and abandon them! You’ve memorized it well to say, “He’s not out there, He’s in here!” but where’s in here?

Take a moment to reflect on the word “inside”…

Where exactly is “inside”?

Is it inside your head?

Or inside your brain?

Is it inside your cells and atoms?

Perhaps it’s inside your spirit?

Or inside your Nur if you have any…?

Who’s the one saying inside in the first place?

What’s inside?

Where’s outside?

The inside of your outside, or the outside of your inside!?

Are you outside and inside? Or inside and outside, you?

Feel your self, what kind of a self are you?

While observing my faults during the Mercury retrograde, I’m watching the One manifesting Itself as me through the Pluto-Chiron conjunction… My consciousness has become silenced!

May Allah help us to recognize our cookie-idols and be cleansed of them.



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