For example, you can’t talk about the Self-Accusing Self to one who is at the station of the Inciting Self. He may look like he understands, but he can’t feel it. But one who is at the Self-Accusing Self state will understand the states of the Inciting Self and Inspired Self.

You can’t talk about the Peaceful Self to one who is at the station of the Inspired Self, but the one who is at the Peaceful Self state will be aware of the Inspired Self, Self-Accusing and Inciting Self states…

So, these seven levels of the self, though described as though they are different from one another, are actually different states of a single consciousness.

Though it sounds as if one moves from the Inciting Self towards the Pure Self, in terms of how it functions, it actually works the other way around.

Pay attention!

Everything that transpires through you emerges from the state of the Pure Self and becomes manifest through your consciousness. That is, whatever level one may be at, everything that transpires through him, emerges from his Pure Self state and flows towards his current state, from where it becomes manifest.

But because the person is unaware of the states above his current state, he doesn’t know where these manifestations come from. Thus, in religious terms, we say, “We came from Allah.”

All spiritual stations and levels mentioned in Sufism are fully present in everyone.

Living consciously of them and living unconsciously of them is what makes all the difference.

One who finds these in himself will experience paradise to the extent that he discovers and experiences them. One who fails to discover the higher levels of his essential self will be doomed to the life of multiplicity and thus the experience of hell as a result of it.

Thus, we are advised to view the outside from the inside, to look at matter from the essence, that is, from Oneness to multiplicity, from the world of reality to the world of acts.

When you think of or interact with someone, you can only evaluate them according to the knowledge pertaining to your current level.

This is why they say one at a lower level cannot know the one at a higher level and can only assume them to be like themselves. It’s not possible to conceive something beyond your capacity.

Therefore, nobody can change what has been determined for someone else, each will only live what has been determined for themselves, but one may be an apparent cause for another to live what has already been determined for him.

To sum it up, everything you’re experiencing originates from the Pure Self state within your own essential depth and becomes manifest through the current level of your consciousness, and sometimes, it becomes manifest without you even being aware. This is what “we come from Allah” means.

The reality that “You can’t want unless Allah wants” is also related to this truth.

And so is the verse “It was Allah who threw, not you”…

But because we are generally unaware of the reality hidden in the depths of our consciousness and of how it functions, we judge according to what becomes apparent at our current level of consciousness and thus blame and accuse others and become miserable as a result.

Please realize the importance of this topic and the significance of what I’ve shared here to lead us out of the delusion we’re in.



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