The Reality

The judgment belongs to Allah!

The sovereignty belongs to Allah!

He who does not judge with the judgment of Allah is a denier of the reality!


“Those who do not judge by what Allah revealed, they are deniers of the reality!”[1]


“And whoever does not judge in accordance with what Allah reveals, they are the wrongdoers.”[2]


“Whoever does not judge with the creeds revealed by Allah, they are the corrupters!”[3]

They are deniers of the reality because, by denying the truth, they are covering the source of what has been revealed.

They are wrongdoers because, by not doing justice to the reality, they are doing wrong to themselves.

They are corrupters because, by failing to recognize their essential reality, they are living with a corrupted concept of ‘self’.

Let’s dive a little deeper now:

If we look with a conditioned understanding of “god” as a powerful being in space who judges with the laws he sends down to his selected servants on earth…

But if we understand what is referenced by the name “Allah” and possess the capacity to contemplate on its implications, we can see that:

There is a Single Absolute Universal Judge present in every iota of existence, and it is only this judgment that is in effect in the universe at all times!

Thus, the denier covers the reality because he lacks the insight and foresight to see this Absolute Judge…

The wrongdoer does wrong to himself because he assumes himself to be other than or outside the Absolute Judge, hence falling into duality and becoming veiled from his essential Self…

And the corrupter fails to observe the Absolute Judge in his essence; his conditioning and value judgments corrupt his consciousness, making him see and evaluate everything in a distorted way…

Now in this light, let us touch on a topic I discussed in the Mystery of Man

According to the religion of Islam and Sufism, when one puts forth harmful or offensive behavior, we are advised to be amicable to the offender but condemn the offence… What this means is, we are advised to condemn and estrange from the offensive action, yet in light of the understanding “To love the created for the sake of the creator” to not reduce our love for the person!

The Absolute Judge does everything for a particular reason and purpose, which defines the wisdom behind the creation of that thing. Whether in our view it is good or bad, it does not change anything.

Fatwa is not one of the fundamental principles of religion! Fatwa can never be an excuse to save you from the consequence of your actions. Fatwa is merely an opinion.

[1] Quran 5:44

[2] Quran 5:45

[3] Quran 5:47

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