The Intellect is the manifestation of the attribute of knowledge on the face of creation.

Knowledge is higher than gnosis, for knowledge is an attribute that condescends, while gnosis is disclosed from the servant and aids in ascension.

This is why there is no attribute such as ‘gnosis’ among the attributes of Allah, but there is an attribute called ‘knowledge’ referenced by the name ‘al-Alim.’

Knowledge isn’t the information given in the faculty of science or the Sufi classes taught in the faculty of Arts!

As Yunus Emre asserts, “Knowledge is to comprehend knowledge; knowledge is to know yourself!” That is, knowledge is the divine Self-disclosure of the creator of the heavens and the earth!

One who knows himself will be able to assimilate…

One who knows himself will have balance and stability…

One who knows himself will do justice by the system and order…

One who knows himself will be true to himself and do justice by his servitude!

One who fails to accomplish these is not a person of knowledge but a person of memorization, not very different to a computer’s hard drive!

But what if one asks, “Stable or unstable according to who?”

Remember one with stability is unstable in the perception of an unstable one!

Hence, we may say, if one has a clear conscience, a peaceful and tranquil life, is able to observe the beauty of Allah at all times, has been moralized with the morals of Allah, can assimilate knowledge and live accordingly, then this person has balance and stability! This person lives not for himself but to be of benefit to others, even if this may require seclusion and retreat!

But one who causes provocation and stirs trouble among people, gossips, rumors, and shows ingratitude, is clearly an unstable person.

To expect reverence and respect from others, to not suffice with spirituality and pursue the wealth of the world, to claim superiority and authority over others are all signs of not being able to handle and assimilate certain blessings…


May Allah bless us with true friends, those with stability and assimilation, and always keep us on the path of knowledge and stability!




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