Now, when the person encounters a truth that opposes his database, he initially reacts and denies it. This is because the mind works in a way to defend and protect existing data. The mind always works in favor of the existing database, not the universal truths based on the system!

As a result, incoming new information is generally denied and rejected without intellectual logical evaluation.

So, when one encounters an idea that goes against his lifestyle or the society in which he lives, he will choose to defend his existing database and reject the new idea at the expense of gaining hew insight and spiritual advancement. Because of this deprivation, the mind has been referred to as the person’s devil.

If the subconscious cannot be controlled via the intellect, then the person will be controlled and governed by the database comprising his subconscious mind.

This is why the Rasuls and Nabis were always rejected! For they warned the people in line with the universal realities and advised them to shape their lives according to these truths.

Those who oppose this, whether it be the daughter of a friend or the daughter of a Rasul, are simply reflecting the defense mechanism of their subconscious mind.

The expression, “I turned my devil into a Muslim” means, “I have my subconscious under control and in line with the universal truths.”

All forms of suffering and remorse result from the actions driven by the subconscious.

Faith cannot be an imitation, but some of the practices that have been advised as the requisites of Islam can be imitated.

One without wisdom and intellect cannot have faith!

Faith is the result of the higher consciousness evaluating the universal realities within a logical framework and acknowledging the creator of this universal system and order.

The Rasul is one who recognizes the universal truths within his essence and higher consciousness and warns others based on the reality disclosed from his essence.

Those who conceive a god in space imagine the angels to be like objects or entities sent to earth from space. Those who recognize Allah as the creator of the only universal reality are aware of the indivisibility of His Power and that the angel called Spirit comprises the essence of all created things. They know, therefore, that Gabriel does not come from space and the force called “Azrail” is an angelic mechanism within every created form.

Ideas produced by the subconscious are given an imaginary form in the brain and evaluated by the higher consciousness. Therefore, man is constantly living in his imagination (i.e. holographic world).

While some squander their lives under the control of their subconscious, or rely on their intelligence to ‘speak’ fancily of faith… Others use their higher consciousness to evaluate and experience faith, shaping and changing their lives according to these truths.

There is no room for excuse in the system!

There is no compensation in the system!

The system does not allow giving intellect to one who lacks it!

Many live in the guise of a human in this system, but not all of them pass on as one.



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