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The Power Of The Cookie

Did you ever wonder from where the cookie-gods derive their power?

Why do so many people light candles in temples and give offerings to their gods from whom they apparently receive answers? How is it that their prayers and wishes come true?

Is Allah deceiving them with divine deception (makr)?

Remember the ‘inner’ is hidden on the ‘outer’, the Safiyah (the Pure Self) is hidden in the Ammarah (the Inciting Self) and takes the shape and color of its container, and that all layers are essentially a single layer, and al-Ghani manifests according to the shape and form of the ‘outer’…

Even though sunlight is a single color yet becomes multiple colors through a prism, the Pure becomes different through the sub-conscious…

Electricity is seen as the color of the lamp…

Thus, when a person goes to their temple or god and asks for something… Who’s actually responding to the prayers of these people?

Not from outside, but from you! Everything that transpires from you is derived from ‘you’!

Allah does not interfere from the outside… It’s manifesting from your own essence… The decree of Allah…

If you can’t succeed, look for the reason in your self! If you really want something with all your heart, nothing can stop it from happening other than divine determination.

Thus, the power in the cookie-idol is no other than the creative power of Allah in you!

You focus on something, you believe it’s going to happen, you put all your effort into this particular desire, and then it happens.

Is it the cookie-god that made it happen? Is it the candle you lit, the rag you tied on a wishing tree, the offering you made? Or is it you?

The world is nothing but a stage play in which you are the main character.

According to your values, you are always honest, but others aren’t!

You become veiled with your assumed relative values because of the limitation of your comprehension, but a day will come and you’ll be astonished to see your mistakes and shortcomings…

You won’t ever question yourself, you’ll only ask “why is this person doing this to me? Why is this person treating me this way?” and judge others based on their external behavior, justifying the situation and rendering yourself innocent.

But the reality is, you attracted that person to yourself to reflect your own unfavorable behavior!

Perhaps an eclipse happened in your consciousness and you made a misevaluation in the dark and thus encountered this result!

Could the advice, “Seek what you seek within yourself, everything is in you!” be pointing to the reality that ‘you are a co-creator’!?

If you’re the main character in your play and living your own fate, and you’re inviting the things you’re living with what you’re resonating from your ‘inner’… And you choose to worship the cookie-idols you create, then to whom can you complain when the cookies hurt your teeth or give you a tummy ache?

You’re the main character of your own play! When the play ends, you’re going to leave the stage alone, and go home on your own, everything you supposedly own on the stage is going to remain on the stage!

The only reason you’re in this world is to train and develop yourself, not to bake and eat cookies! Stop deifying worldly possessions and pleasures, my friend! 

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